Monday, 29 December 2014

it's a wrap!




Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas day and you are now enjoying all this sunshine & relaxing!
Not too much happening around here on the sewing front.We've had lots of family comings & goings, my son & daughter-in-law have now left for Melbourne :( and we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the new baby :)
  • There is just a wee bit of VERY last minute pre-baby sewing happening! My daughter wanted to use a 4 metre turquoise wrap she had bought earlier to make another different wrap... recycling I guess! We are following this pattern here, the Mei Tai baby wrap, with pages & pages of very detailed instructions! It's a bit confusing, but we've got it all cut out now, using the good old 'measure twice, cut once' best practice of course! 
  • Oh, and I won a three-pack of patterns from Sew Sweetness patterns - seriously, some of the most versatile bag patterns out there! I had been busy making my handmade gifts for Xmas this year and just thought I'd join in the fun over here @ santa's sweatshop party .. it was a lovely post Xmas surprise to see that I had won one of the prizes! So much to chose from, not too sure yet which patterns to pick! 
  • And that's it... almost a wrap for 2014! When I came to collate a few recent finishes for this end-of-the-year photo shoot, I realized I had actually managed to cross quite a few things of my never ending to-do-list. Many of this year's quilts have been given away to family & friends, I think everyone close is pretty well surrounded in quilts finally... yayee! Time now to start planning for 2015! I'm considering joining up with the '2015 Finish-Along' over here with Adrianne from On the Windy Side. It seems like a good incentive to make a list {yep, another one!}& hopefully get a few more WiPs finished that really do need to get done in 2015! Anyone else going to play along? 
Have a happy & safe New Year! 


  1. Love all your fabrics you used in your colourful. Have a Happy New Year :)

  2. Congrats on your win - don't know what patterns I'd pick either. Guess I'll see you on Adrienne's finish a long too.


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