Sunday, 3 May 2015

something for everyone

Glenys and I popped into the Auckland Quiltmakers Show at the Parnell Community Centre in Auckland this weekend. I enjoyed the show, and there was certainly quite a variety... from the bright Kaffe Fassett quilts to the more traditional, and a sprinkling of 'modern' quilts too! Here's some of my favourites. {Apologies, these pics were taken on my phone so they are a little not-quite-true-to-colour, and there's a bit of a reflection-y thing happening from the overhead lights! }

Lotus11 -Juliet Taylor

Patchwork of the Crosses - Robyn Burgess
see here for better pics

Peony - Penny Jameison
this was a lovely big really bright quilt, using Kaffe prints 225cms x 206cms

Tula's Modern Sampler {folded} - Robyn Burgess
Petula {hanging} - Gail Moore

Floating Fans - Pam Carter
{made from ties}

My favourite pick of the show...mainly all low volumes 
Tripping Lightly - Robyn Croft

Endurance - Lesley Rawlings

Pikelets & Jam - Gail Moore

 A good day out, plus the outdoor market was a happening thing too! 


  1. Linda thanks so much for posting these photos, I missed getting to the show this year and it's so nice to see the quilts made by quilters I have knows for around 30 years and worked with on Committee many years ago.
    I love this new style one from Juliet and Robyn has some beauties in thee too.

    1. Thanx! I’m just disappointed that I didn't take my proper camera along. The little old phone pics don’t do them real justice! Linda

  2. I saw this was on but we had retreat so I couldn't come down - thanks for sharing the pictures, it sounds like you enjoyed your day!


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