Monday, 7 September 2015

a taste sensation!

Yes, yes I have been sewing, 
but first let me tell you about where Glenys & I went this weekend

We were made very welcome in Banu's home and it was such a great evening! We had entrees first, then stirred & tasted our way through a selection of yummy vegetarian mains, finishing up with Mango Mousse. There were eight of us, and we all had a go making Masala Dosa - that's me cooking in the 1st pic - a light pancake that was filled with potato curry and crispy on the outside. A delightful evening! And a lovely way to learn, all seated together around the dining table, guessing which spices were which, with candles & music! Thank you Banu, you and your daughter were wonderful!

... and sewing?
Well, I seem to be kinda stuck on dealing to my scraps lately!

This scrappy Tumbler quilt was started many years ago, in my pre-blogging days. And I can't even remember the initial inspiration for it, apart from wanting to try and use a few 'brown' fabrics! However, the recent focus on tumbler quilts as a Leaders & Enders project certainly re-sparked my interest in this long neglected WiP!
I started to hand quilt it, but months would go by, and I hadn't done a stitch! So this weekend I made the 'big decision' and switched over to lots of large stitch machine quilting.

I love this scrappy mix of fabrics, and I'm sure some of you will recognise many little bits here.
The backing was a scrappy stash-busting mixture too!
The batting is all wool, it will be a really snuggily buggily warm quilt.
And I even had the binding all ready, so it was simply a matter of just getting on with it! 

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  1. You do have some lovely scrappy tumblers here and use there does seem to be quite a lot of bloggers working with tumblers at the moment. Fabrics - left hand side the rust potentilla on black, love it I still have around one yard left - saving for a rainy day.

  2. How satisfying to finish a WIP and such a lovely one too. Your assortment of scraps are gorgeous.

  3. Every time I see a tumbler quilt like yours, I push tumblers up a few notches on my quilt to-do queue. If I start cutting some tomorrow, it's going to be totally your fault...

  4. So many great fabrics in this quilt. Some I used long ago and wish I still had. Good job and getting this one on the fast track to snuggling!

    1. Thank you! I still find something really captivating about a scrappy quilt! And some of these fabrics are part of my quilting history... there's an old Laura Ashley in there, a couple of bright Japanese fabrics, the Kaffes of course, and a few timeless spots...lots to look at!

  5. I love this scrappy tumbler goodness.

  6. That's so much fun! Congrats for getting it out and moving it along. :)

  7. The food looks tasty! Love the look of your tumbler quilt :)

  8. Your cooking class looked good - bet it was a lot of fun.

  9. The quilting on your tumblers looks terrific! Thanks for sharing the close-ups of the fabrics and binding.


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