Thursday, 18 February 2016


A text from Glenys had me out & about yesterday, op shopping.
She is down at Milford Sound but before getting onto the plane, she had spotted a little quilt
in a shop window.

- and look at that price!

-  the great 'colour co ordinated' displays around the shop caught my eye too!

This little quilt is set in 3x4 wedding rings. It's intact, maker unknown, and is hand quilted. 
There are a few stains on it, nothing a gentle wash can't fix.
The overall look is crinkly and certainly well cuddled!
I wonder which of Glenys' two grandsons is going to get this little find!

And it's made me stop & think too... I wonder where my quilts will all end up one day?


  1. Great find. Who could resist?
    Is that the Opshop in TeAtatu
    They do the best displays

  2. That is a great find, it's such a beautiful quilt! I always say my quilts will end up in an op shop one day, but if you think how much you treasure those special opshop finds I think they'd go to people who really love them.

    1. Yes, it’ll be interesting in years to come!
      I also wonder if my quilts will stand the test of time, not just where they will end up! I should be more vigilant about putting labels on them!

  3. yes, where will our quilts end up? surely this one was loved once apon a time. when i saw some antique quilts in a shop, it really made me think about the longevity and life of my quilts, too. i hope this one loves the new life you give it!


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