Sunday, 12 June 2016

finishing my quilts

You know me, I can't just work on one thing at a time- but the result is I seem to go forever without actually finishing anything, and then suddenly wow, there are a couple of finishes!

Earlier this week I got 'the call', it was Annette from 'wild cotton quilting' to say my two quilts were ready! I had the bindings all made up ready & waiting, so I dropped everything I was working on, and this weekend I added the bindings. And now I've got two finishes to share, finally!

First up Kaleidoscope quilt, the vintage version
It's quilted in a loose meandering pattern which gives the quilt a lovely soft cuddly feel
without adding or taking anything away from the fabrics that are the feature of this quilt.

And another real finish, my 'improv moderne' quilt
Quite by accident, this quilt ended up with an interesting melding of different elements
... an eclectic mix of fabrics with improv style piecing,
traditional paisley quilting, a recycled sheet for the backing, and an old calico print for the binding
{here's the link if you want more details about my inspiration & process}

oh, and I had a little help today with this photo shoot...

- recycled sheet for backing

- close up of the paisley quilting

But, but, but... 
I've still got this little quilt top stack to deal to yet!

These are throw sized quilts, ones I can mange on my own sewing machine
A few are all layered up ready with backing, batting and pinned
and three are quilt tops only 
... oh dear, please tell me I'm not the only one with a quilt top stack like this :)

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  1. That plaid was the perfect choice for your Kaleidoscope quilt - I love this finish.

  2. Love your vintage version of the Kaleidoscope quilt with the plaids and the Improv Moderne quilt with the bolder prints! Yeah for finished. I have a pile of quilt-tops waiting. I ‘dislike‘ the basting part!

  3. Super finishes. You're not the only one with quilts to finish. Mine are not in a stack though, they're hanging on skirt hangers in a wardrobe. I hate to confess there are about 20 waiting! This year I am trying hard to fit some " me" quilts in between customer quilts.

  4. Two beautiful finishes!! Love both of them, kaleidoscope, well goes without saying one of my favourites and your improv moderne is classic improv I reckon, with the mix of fabrics and recycled backing. Of course it just wouldn't have been the same without your darling little helper!!!
    You are not alone with quilt tops, I have the tops on hangers in the wardrobe, I think there are six waiting with three more in a huge drawer all basted, one in the process of being quilted!

  5. I just find your blog and love to see your quilts..all those colours..

  6. Love both of your finished quilts. Your pile of quilts waiting to be finished look very inviting. I don't have a pile of quilt tops but I usually have 2 or 3 quilts on the go at the same time. But I do have UFOs hiding in various places in my Sewing Room. Trying to finish those and turn sets of blocks into completed quilts. Your little helper is gorgeous!

  7. Love your finishes. My stack of tops to be quilted is much higher but it is shrinking. I struggle to finish one without starting several more.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth
      Yes, I’m sure we are all the same in that respect... I used to have a rule ‘don’t start one until you have finished one’ but that seems to have slipped somehow!

  8. Congratulations on your great finishes!

  9. Your finishes are just beautiful! So different from each other, and yet so both "you." I tend to work like you do, a bit here and there and then a whole bunch finished at once. It's a pain to switch from piecing to quilting, so I tend to quilt a bunch together. Yes, my pile looks a bit like yours! Except I hang mine over a curtain rod instead of on a shelf. Does that count as a pile? Maybe a wad? :)

  10. Both your finishes are gorgeous! And my stack of tops waiting might not be as tall as yours - but only because I have bins and stacks and bags of blocks that aren't sewn together into tops yet! Someday! In the meantime, we're having fun, and that's the point of it all, right?

  11. It is just so much more fun to start than to finish! :-) I'm with you and all the other commenters with tops to pin and quilt, blocks to assemble, and ideas to realize. But occasionally I do finish, most recently one dated 1980:

  12. Congratulations on two BEAUTIFUL finishes!! I have a stack twice that high of tops to quilt, and it's growing!

  13. These are two beautiful quilts! Finishing is a great feeling, but I (like you and so many others!) am also the kind of quilter who likes to try lots of things, so I always have all kinds of things in progress!

  14. I love both quilts for completely different reasons. It is hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for sharing these pretty finishes with Oh Scrap!

  15. Great finishes and your little helper is soooo cute!! Yep, not the only one with a pile, 'cept mine's about double that (conservatively!!!)

  16. Hehe no not the only one with a quilt stack like that - I think mine is even higher!! I love your finishes - my favourite is the wedges one but they are both beautiful!(Not to mention your wee helper). Well done on moving them to the done and ready to be used pile!

  17. I'm also much better at starting rather than finishing projects and can never work on only one project at a time! Both quilts are gorgeous and are very interesting to look at. Your improv moderne quilt has me wanting to try something like this. The mix of fabrics works so well.

  18. Well done on finishing these... it can be so hard sometimes to keep them moving once the top is done! I have been working on finishing a few I started a couple of years ago today- got them basted... I wonder how long til they're quilted :)

  19. Your quilts are wonderful! I especially like the kaleidoscope quilt. But your helper is my favorite!


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