Wednesday, 9 August 2017

vintage 9patch

In my ventures this year to use up all my scraps, every now & then I take a break from present projects, and dig deep into my storage baskets. I came across a set of 3 1/2" strips all cut out and thrust into one end of a scrap basket.
Not a UFO as such, just a bunch of pre-modern florals & solids all mixed up together, and tied up with a strip of selvage. I'm sure I must have had a plan sometime, however today I just began sewing them together.

What actually attracted me back to this little collection was the hefty amount of solids,
and {inset smile} solids never go out of style do they?

Simple sewing, random and without a plan. 
Nothing was nicely matched into light and dark nor did it fall into any clear patterns
- but I was happy enough to be sewing with solids
and, there were some of my oldish favourite florals included too.

Before too long I had a bunch of 25 all joined up together,
and I plan now on making another 11 blocks to get it up to a decent size.

Sew happy to have found a way to keep things moving forward with these fabrics
. . . and if nothing else, it'll make a good backing for another quilt !

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  1. WOW, great find and great stash busting! Have you made a dent in your stash? My cupboard is groaning under the weight...........and still I buy more fabric!!!

  2. I hadn't thought to use a 9 patch for a backing fabric but it would work nicely I bet but I always like patchwork for the quilt itself too - makes a nice old fashion picnic cloth.

  3. These are gorgeous -- LOVE them!!!

  4. Nine patch blocks are the best for these strips, your combinations are wonderful as usual. I love finding bundles of forgotten fabrics, it's like shopping.

  5. Wonderful mix of solids and florals! The simple pattern is perfect for them! I try to remember that not every fabric has to be made into a complicated pattern in order to shine.:)

  6. Sometimes having no plan is the best plan!!

  7. a lovely retro feel to this quilt in progress, honestly I can't get over how productive you are with your quiltmaking.

  8. I love it when you come across previously "lost" fabrics and find a new use for them. This quilt is going to be wonderful!

  9. It's lovely to find a bundle of fabric you forgot about, like visiting an old friend. The nine patches are coming together to make a lovely cozy snuggling quilt, it will look so warm and inviting. Just the thing for the approaching too fast autumn.

  10. It's wonderful to find half your work done. I love the floral/solid mix and what an easy way to make a useful quilt. Good job.

  11. Classic! And I agree with Julie, it has a lovely retro look.
    Quick work Linda.

  12. What a great find. I'm impressed you sewed the pieces up so quickly into a top. Too nice to be relagated to being a backing.

    1. Thanks Linda. My daughter has already laid claim to it, her 3rd baby is due end of October. She thinks this vintage-y one will be great!
      So I better get a wriggle on! (I do recall her husband saying ‘no more quilts’ though!)

  13. Great way to use up those floral scraps. You've been moving along with many of your projects.

  14. Love your nine patch, the fabrics make all the difference to this lovely old pattern and your blocks are so beautifully fresh looking!

  15. love it. and I think it will be perfect for the baby. what do husbands know anyway LOL


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