Saturday, 2 September 2017

a tale of two wives

I think this is the first quilt I’ve ever made twice. I was crazy mad in love with my first Gypsy Wife quilt. I had lots of fun chosing from a large number of scrappy fabrics, I ran lots of colour through my blocks and through my vertical rows, and I love everything about this charming vintage looking quilt.

I loved it so much that mid last year, I thought I'd join Megan from jaffaquilts and make another one. I'd like to think the fabric choices I made about my new “wife” were different. I mean why bother making a second one if not to make it a bit different?

There was lots of fussy cutting & scrappy colour still, but I felt it was more co-ordinated, more 'modern' looking. And all my vertical rows were to be in low volume greys & whites. I even had a focus fabric as my jumping off point, to guide my colour choices, something that had never occurred to me first time around! 
I made up all the first sections and then I'm not sure why, but with half the quilt done, I stalled.

Fast forward to today . . . while decluttering the sewing room this weekend, I came across my GW #2, including all the little blocks, all pieced and all ready for making up section 6. I ironed everything and spread it all out on the design floor.

I took a few photos,
and here's an interesting little collage of three of my favourite blocks,
nurses cross - colour wheel - pershing

 GW #1 top row, GW #2 bottom row 

I know we all see colour differently and it may be just me, but I think my two wives look oh so very similar. Hehe, I guess I do have a certain 'style' after all - and I obviously got bored with doing it all over again! Wondering now about continuing on or not. Linking up with 'finished or not Friday' here at busyhandsquilts and with 'oh scrap' over here 

a bit more #67
If you are tempted to give this a go,
I did a bit of a search and discovered there's a GW sew along happening at present,
and lots of pics can be found here #gypsywifesal
Angie from gnomeangel has also put together heaps of information,
including ideas about fabric choices & a colouring chart.


  1. Like I shared on your IG account, I would be tempted to take the already-made pieces and parts and create my own quilt top with them rather than continuing on with the GW design. That's me - it will be fun to see what YOU do.

  2. I'm sure anyone with more than one wife will say it holds its challenges! I have every confidence you will come up with a super plan and end up with a quilt you will be happy with............

  3. There is a reason that there is not a pattern with Husband in it :-p because one is enough. As far as wife is concerned, if one is good, two must be better :-)
    Gorgeous, Fabulous, Scrappy Beauty of a quilt that also looks very cuddly - best of both worlds!!! You should be so pleased with this one.

  4. I am in love with your quilt! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. A friend of mine fell out of love with her gypsy wife about halfway through the quilt and turned them into her own original Sampler. That might be fun. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Looks like your second one would finish as gorgeous as your first, but I totally understand not wanting to tackle the same pattern twice. Especially as big a project as a Kingwell super-sampler like GW. (Or Long Time Gone, for that matter!) I can see the logic of the other commenters' suggestion to make your own puzzle with what you've got. Whatever you choose to do, I know it'll be beautiful!

  7. So glad you're enjoying it enough to reprise this quilt.

  8. I see a lot of diffeences when looking at the close-up of #2! But both are beautiful! Whatever you do with the blocks of #2, I know it will be beautiful!

  9. Your #1 Gypsy Wife is a stunner! You have a good way with color Linda.

  10. Both versions are beautiful!

  11. Bothe GW 1 & 2 look great to me. Always hard to make a second similar quilt. Perhaps you need to come back to GW 2 a little later?

  12. Oh my this looks such fun. I have seen Kate's (Smiles From Kate) most recently, (her colours SING!) and now yours, and man I need to do this quilt. After I finish my 150 Canadian Women quilt, and after I finish the Tula Pink City Sampler. Love your fabrics Linda, for both. Definitely a Bohemian flair. :-)

  13. It is interesting to see these two versions side by side - quite different colours but, you are right, very clearly both your quilts. If you are bored with no. 2 why not use the bits but do your own thing with them?


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