Finished Quilts {my early years}

It's great to have all these pics together in one spot now
& nice to reflect back and see how my quilting 'style' has changed over time
Hope you enjoy having a little look too... 

2015 quilts

Vintage Spin
machine quilted by Annette too!

Trippin' lightly round & round quilt
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
- found a new home down at the bach initially and then eventually gifted

retro Rail fence quilt
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
Donated to Hospice

St Louis 16 Patch in Kaffe
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
- gifted

two examples of  cot quilts made & gifted
pastel 'squares & bricks' for a newborn baby girl and bright  'kaleidoscope' for a 6mth boy
machine quilted by me

Tumblers quilt
my 'cuddily-ugily' quilt, perfect for those cold TV nights on the couch!
hand & machine quilted by me

HST quilt #2 
 rhythmic value layout 
machine quilted by me - gifted

1/4 Log cabin quilt
- my version of a vintage handkerchief quilt
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
August 2015

Beige & Red liberated log cabin quilt
clamshell machine quilted by Annette de Raat

Drunkard's Path
machine pieced & quilted by me
August 2015

 HST quilt #1
scattered value layout
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
- gifted

modern buzz saw quilt
machine quilted in interlocking circles
by Annette de Raat
- gifted

peachy quilt
Machine quilted by Annette de Raat
- donated 

Blue & Brown Rosy quilt
- gifted

bright & bold Building Blocks quilt
May 2015 
customised machine quilted by Linda Razzle Dazzle Quilter
- gifted

Low volume stripey quilt
April 2015

Quilt kit bought in Australia a few years ago
Finally finished in April 2015!
Gifted to my granddaughter Olive
Machine quilted by Annette de Raat

scrappy stacked coins quilt
custom quilted by Carol Fearon & hand quilted by me
March 2015
- gifted to Olive's school teacher dec. 2016

babe Evie's quilt, gifted
custom quilted by Carol Fearon
March 2015

Classic meets Modern QAL
all over pebble quilting by Carol Fearon

gypsy caravan quilt
machine quilted by me
 Jan. 2015, gifted

pieces of my past quilt Jan. 2015
machine quilted by me

'a little old fashioned' quilt
started back in 2013 & finished Jan. 2015
quilted by Annette de Raat
- gifted

Broken Dishes quilt, finished 2014 
- donated to Vanuatu March 2015

2014 quilts

retro flowers quilt 

summertime chains quilt
- gifted

HST triangles quilt - gifted

gypsy wife quilt
machine quilted by Annette de Raat

spice road quilt
selective scrappy triangles, machine quilted by me
- gifted

BOM sampler quilt made a few years ago
machine quilted by Annette de Raat
but only finished putting the binding on this year! 

the jetsons quilt - gifted to my son

flying geese quilt
Machine quilted by Annette de Raat.

DS squares & stripes quilt

puss-in-the-corner quilt

scrappy zig-zag quilt
Donated to Hospice

simple patchwork, great fabrics
king size, now quilted & gifted to my daughter

2013 quilts

low volume churn dash -  a quilt for Doris - triangles
Quilts part of  Monday Modern display at Highwic House, Parnell, Auckland, NZ

and much older quilts from my pre-blogging days...



memmens said...

Lovely retro flowers, I will finish mine!

Jodi said...

I love all your quilts here! Nice mix of modern with a bit of traditional - just my cup of tea! I was going to say, "I especially love". but that would be all of them!

Quayquilter said...

Fantastic output and of such a high standard - there are some very lucky people out there.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Thanks so much Mary!

Rebecca Grace said...

Yay -- I found your Building Blocks quilt! :-). I see what you mean. It's a beautiful quilt but the mix of just a few AMH florals with the solids isn't as effective as the style you have developed of combining prints in your later quilts. It's so interesting to look through these "early years" quilts to see how you have evolved! Don't get me wrong -- your Building Blocks is successful by anyone's standards, I just love so many of your other quilts even more! Here's hoping MINE gets finished someday! ;-)