Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday sewing

I saw a modern version of the Churn Dash block over on Crazy Mom Quilts.
So a few weeks ago I started  my version using Ann Kelle Remix Ovals & Bella solid white. You know....sometimes you think it'll be a good idea then, .....when you actually get down to the sewing it's not.  I stared at it for days, really trying to get enthus'ed!! but I hate it!!!
I notice NOW that all the geometric fabric should be running the same way.  If you look closely you will note that my fabrics had a mind of their own!!!!!   Anyway, I decided that I would stop after 6 blocks so as not to waste any more fabric & turn it into a cot quilt. I think it could take some serious quilting now.

Determined to try again I then played around with some "low volume"  (pastel?!?!?) fabrics.  This turned out to be much more fun - there's just enough blur between the prints & the background to make a wee contrast thingy happening.
I think I'll keep going with this


  1. I still like the first version, it is bright and fresh, and I like the reverse block. I saw the Crazy Mom Quilts churn dash, and think she used pezzy prints. Maybe the scale of the dots you used was a bit larger? Have fun playing with your low volume fabrics instead.

  2. hm-m-m- you're right, I checked ... her geometric print was smaller. And I do know that some young mum will love it even if I don't!!!! L

  3. So proud of you for using white! I'm sure I remember you saying about a year ago that you didn't like white in quilts! I like your first one - it looks fun with the pattern running different ways.


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