Sunday, 24 March 2013


Thanx for all the comments (from email & blog) re my two Churn Dash quilts!  
I am going to chat with Annette @ Wild Cotton Quilting tomorrow about quilting options for the cot quilt .....I have in mind something swirly but we'll see.

 I just love getting things in the post & last  week I got a new book - "Liberty Love"  by Alexia Marcelle Abegg. There are little & big quilts to make,  plus accessories like pincushions, tote bags and a rather cute classic kiddies dress from the '60's.    The quilts, while having a vintage background, have a modern twist to them ...... using solids and subtle cream/white prints.

The pattern for the Marcelle Medallion Quilt is in here too - and, judging by the interest I've seen lately , quite a few people having been making it!!!   Inspired by a vintage quilt, and with lots of piecing, and grey & white low vloume backgrounds!!!!

Yesterday I  found a new magazine at my local  stationery shop.
"quilty"  fresh patchwork & modern quilts. ......

A magazine  devoted towards showing quilts with a stong emphasis towards the newer quilter. 
And, I guess,  the more modern quilter?!?!?!??!   There was a good article about the pros & cons of joining a awful experience can be enough to put anyone off, but  I must say politics & clickiness aside, being with like minded quilters is always refeshing & inspirational. 

I have also been catching up with other blogs this weekend.......
She entered into the QuiltCon competition &, on reading the judges critque comments she recieved, I think  this is why people are v.reluctant to enter their quilts in judged shows.  Check out her blog.

Anyway, no sewing for me  this coming week - I  have a hair appointment / then dentist appointment/ then doc appointment / and , of course, have to go to work too !!!  (4 morning shifts this week !)   (& that means getting up at 5:45am !!!)

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  1. QuiltCon sounded like an unpleasant experience for quite a few people! As a pretty new quilter I find all the politics fascinating - It sounds like people get caught up being competitive instead of focusing on enjoying what they do.


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