Thursday, 9 May 2013


Having a few things on the go at once seems to be my thing at the moment - some would say I shouldn't have cut down my hours at work!!!!!
I came across this easy Blocks & Stripes Quilt @     and, always on the look out for ways to use up some of my favourite scraps, I decided to have a break from the retro flowers.
Her receipe -
....Take one piece of busy multi coloured fabric for the backing fabric
....then match it with some small prints for the quilt blocks
....and throw in a selection of solid fabrics that co-ordinate
....and sew.
I hope it works!!!!  Fingers crossed.


  1. Yes so far so good. It just felt odd to work backwards i.e. choosing the backing fabric then making the decsions about what would work well on the front!!!! Linda


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