Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hottie Project

Our Monday Modern (MM) quilt group  has got increasingly more prolific as the year has progressed.  Each month we all make a block for the next person on the list.  I have just completed this months Bee Blocks - A Wonky Log Cabin block in solids for Cris and a Square within a Square sort of block for Lousie using a Tula Pink fabric as the focus. See the Monday Modern Quilt group for latest pics.
We have also intermittently contributed to other projects like this current one, making hot water bottle covers for the children in Christchurch. If you are interested, check out these sites.....

The Hottie Project page

The hottie cover can be simple or decorated depending on the fabric used and is very quick to put together. I have cut up a lovely tartan woollen blanket I purchased from the local Salli Armani shop the other day.
The only question now is, what am I going to do with the rest of the blanket????

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BigLittle said...

So excited to see your hottie cover - and such a happy tartan too! I have the perfect answer to your question of what to use the rest of the blanket for... more hotties! :) Thanks so much for contributing to the project... Lisa xx