Sunday, 19 May 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt

The Marcelle Medallion Quilt has been on my to -do- list since buying the book by Alexia Marcelle Abegg. I had a little pile of leftover old Liberties and have recently purchased some more from newer ranges - Liberty Lifestyle & Bloomsbury. I 'll add other cotton prints of course to these Liberties to get a scrappy feel, aiming for a pink/teal/grey overall look when finished.  I guess I could throw in just a wee bit of red to help give depth to the pinks, but no orange and no white fabrics as it may make it all look a bit stark. 
That's the plan anyway, but as we all know, things change/evolve as we sew !!!! 

The centre star is pieced and quite vintage looking, and then there will be ten rows of borders.
I must admit the centre block was just a bit tricky (make sure you cut accurately & mark the pattern pieces!!).   It's made in 4 quarter units so by the time I got to the third quarter unit I was easily recognising the various pieces, and  it's amazing what a bit of ironing does!!!!
I ended up with the correct size block so that was a little bonus in life!!


  1. Mum gave me this book for my birthday and I immediately tried to make that centre block. It was a dog's dinner and after unpicking it all several times it was consigned to the bin! Yours looks great, you might have to give me some tips if I ever find the patience to try again!

  2. thanx !! Matching up the symbols on the pattern pieces was certainly important and not having a wine b4 I started was a good idea!!!! Linda


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