Friday, 24 January 2014

particularly pretty in pastels!

I have been going thru' a few of my Kaffe Fassett books this week, and certain quilts still have appeal. I spotted a "crosses" quilt made in a rich pallette of gold/magenta/blue tones, and more modern versions of this have popped up often over the past year. Another "oldie but a goodie" is the ever popular Rosy quilt, 9 Patch square alternating with larger squares in a variety of  colour combinations, leafy rosy/tawny rosy/pastel rosy.

Kaffe & Brandon are "in town" this weekend in Auckland, NZ. 
I recently found this blogsite, , where Vrena had just finished one of his classes, check it out for interesting comments.
I went to a Kaffe class a few years ago, really enjoyed it. The main things I got from the day were to focus on colour rather than the print, use a design wall, and to work fast & intuitively! Of course things still don't always pan out, wrong choices of fabrics, etc.  (I wonder how he copes with that?).

What springs to mind when I think of Kaffe is his bold use of pattern & strong colours.
In one of his earlier books however, published in 1997, I found a quilt that I really liked, a version of the 16 patch quilt. I have recently made a 16 patch quilt, and while it was quick to piece, it was made from solely from one designer range. A bit limiting I felt.
Kaffe's one was particularly pretty in a variety of pastels. So easy to live with, using medium scale floral prints, and with the addition of something just- a- bit- deeper to add a bit of punch!!!  It was v.reminiscent of mismatched flowery teacups, rosy wallpaper, oriental floweriness, etc......

........interestingly, in this old book, he hadn't yet begun to design his own fabric ranges.  
I figure this v.versatile quilt block was the perfect answer to using up some of my assortment of old/new fabric scraps, from a variety of sources, over a period of years! I just need to stay focused on the colours & not get sidetracked by the prints!!


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  1. I love the summery colours you have gathered up there Linda - I look forward to watching it come together.


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