Saturday, 11 January 2014

BOM update

Well, one of us has been v. busy...and it's not me!!
Glenys popped in the other evening to show me her latest work - we are both doing the Material Obsession BOM "40 Shades of Grey" quilt. She said Block 3 took ages to do and, because of the size of the hexi's, she couldn't really watch T.V. as well as hand piecing -they really were quite fiddily. Once each teeny tiny hexi was completed, they were hand stitched onto the black/purple spot circle, and then.. machine appliqued onto a colourful circle, and then...onto a light white/grey background square.

The teeny tiny hexi's are so small, & so v. cute!! 
They look great surrounded with the "filler"  black/grey spot & light grey HST pieces don't they?

Motivated by all her progress, I made a start on Month 4 BOM today which was waiting for me when I got home from holiday.   (I have sorted fabrics ready for Month 3 hexi's, BUT haven't quite got around to sitting down & making them all am skipping onto the next block. Don't want to get too far behind.)
We are using a grey/black spot fabric that will hopefully link everything together, but we each have a different spot for this. Looking at the pics now, I can see that the spot fabric certainly makes all the other fabrics "pop"!!!!
So here's what I have done so far, plus a close up of todays "flower basket".


  1. Both quilts are looking good. They are quite different. I like the mix of fabrics.

  2. Gosh there is a lot of work in those quilts. Looking good though.

  3. Wow, tiny tiny hexagons, may NOT be in my future any time soon, but that basket of flowers just might, looks delightful

    1. Yes.. alot of work, but so v. pretty! Not sure what's coming next!!! L


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