Monday, 13 January 2014

"Traditional- to- Modern" quilting

I have been waiting for this book for simply ages...and today it finally arrived!!!!
(Amazon have been a bit slow on the uptake from what I can gather!)

Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich & Faith Jones. 
It has instructions for making 20 traditional blocks, nothing startling there!  However, I was more interested in the way the authors gave the old blocks a modern spin & show some fresh quilt layouts & new colour approaches.  I think the versatility of classic blocks is really captured here!
I love this comment in the introduction on discussing the end product, you know - our completed quilt, warts & all ...... (quote) "remember - there is something inherently beautiful in the imperfection of a handmade item". Embrace the skill building moments as they come"  (unquote).

* There is also a quilt-a-long happening, check it out over on this site - This is all set to start January 21st.
* And a blog hop @ where everyone is each making an individual block & they will end up as charity quilts. Great idea!
Here's a few pics from inside the book -


 and my favourite....

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  1. Looks lovely - another book to add to the library request list


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