Thursday, 30 January 2014

she's a little treasure!!!

I have been steadily making a couple of 16 patch blocks every other day over the past week.
Leaving it all for a couple of days and going back to it with a fresh perspective was a good idea.  Reading other blogs has also been a great help, seeing how others approach things, & that they too experience that unsure feeling with what they are making. I also found this site which was interesting too... goes with my earlier thoughts of trying to get some kind of colour/mood picture happening to help me focus a bit better!!! 
The colours are kinda coming together slowly. Not sure if it's using an assortment of old/newer fabrics or whether it's the antique chintzie look or what, but there have certainly been a few rejects along the way! However, I decided to carry on, can't get despondant now, I'm well over 1/2 way!

And then today...little Olive came to visit. 
She got v. busy v. quickly, and before we realised she had re- organised all my carefully, well positioned blocks. Some blocks were marching in single file up the hall......

And others were flung around with gay abandon on the spare bed.....

What a little treasure!!!
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  1. I'll bet "little treasure" was not your first thought. :-) Maybe it will be a serendipitous action leading you to a new and better arrangement.

  2. Pretty sure you are supposed to encourage creativity like this (-:


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