Saturday, 19 April 2014

weekend witterings ...

For some time now I have been part of a group..... a sewing group that is!!
Our Monday Modern is a cluster of enthusiastic quilters who meet on the first Monday of each month here in Auckland, NZ.  We have a show & tell, a monthly challenge, and we are also having a monthly block lotto this year.
See here for pics
We are quite a mixed bunch. Some of us do hand piecing (most noteably lately is Karyn!), some of us are older(!), some of us are internet savy, & some of us love the maths involved in patchwork, while some of us don't!  We actually all do different sorts of patchwork, but are all keen to learn & share ...  and ... we all love quilting!  The latest NZ Quilter has a write up on our MM quilt show late last year, an interesting read.

Lately, there's been lots of names floating around - modern/ traditional/ contemporary/ art/ vintage etc.
And this brings me to my question,
so what is this "style" thingy all about?
Personally, I'm not too sure myself!
I just know I love making quilts. I love the processes involved in making a quilt, trying out new techniques, and mixing up my "old" with the "new" fabrics. I always feel there isn't enough time to make all that I want to, I swing from modern to vintage just like that, and then there's still things like the FMQ I should really have a go at!  Now that I am retired, I'm so glad I have such a creative hobby! And the internet...well, I get a lot of pleasure from sharing with other quilters, & there's endless inspiration out there!

And so what's my style? 
 well, I guess I'd have to simply say "homemade.Linda"
(and hopefully that will cover just about everything, eh?!?).

For more interesting reading check out -
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  1. I will look out for a copy of NZ Quilter!

    I found it interesting to read all the opinions on modern quilting.

    Personally, I make what I like using fabrics I like. I was keen to learn something by doing The Circle Game. I think I mastered paper piecing last year with all those stars. But I think also starting my quilting with a traditional sampler taught me a good range of skills for hand and machine work. Skills that can be transfered to other projects.

    Quilt on!

  2. I must look out for a copy too! There seems to be bit of angst in blog-land about names and definitions. I'm with Karyn - I just have a go at making things that I think I will like using fabrics I like with a good amount of experimenting, with either fabric or technique. I think the main thing is to enjoy your hobby and I do!!


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