Saturday, 12 April 2014

not quite solely solids

Making a quilt from solely solid fabrics has never been easy for me.
But I figured it was about time I tried!  
I sorted out some solid scraps and - just because it seemed silly not to - I sorted out some tonal print scraps too, ones that read as a single colour. Haven't even started sewing & I'm off the track already!!

So now what to do?
I decided to make a quilt that used a repetitive shape, like a hexagon, or a triangle, or a clamshell. The overall effect created by using a one patch design can be very appealing, as we are seeing at the moment with all the triangle quilts around. 
Check out here @
and here @

So triangles it is then!
I cut heaps of triangles out,

......and started to sew, just going for a random scrappy layout here!

I really enjoy making scrap quilts, do you? 
There's a look of "making do" about them that I rather like.  
Off now to the matinee performance of the Shen Yun ballet
Have a good weekend.
* updated Sunday *
Just retook pics after  ironing all the triangles
...goodness, what a difference!

Not only linking in with Triangle QAL
but also linking in with Lee @ WIP over at Freshly Pieced on Wednesday.


  1. Love the triangles, I'm still working with squares atm, points for triangles seem a long way away for me as I still struggle to get my blocks to "line up"

  2. I love scrappy quilts - and the fact that somehow all the colours always seem to work.. Hope you enjoyed the ballet, looks great from the ads I have seen on TV.

    1. Thanx! Ballet was lovely, very colourful, lots of classical chinese dance & culture. L

  3. Looking forward to seeing the big reveal when all those lovely pieces go together!


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