Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday again all ready!
I've continued on with my "values" quilt during little spare moments this week and it's now progressing slowly. You know the feeling when you are planning a quilt, you've pulled half your stash out for audition and nothing works! Well, last week I just wasn't going to bother with this at all! And then after a break, I decided to try & concentrate on simply achieving a light/dark contrast and see where that headed. However, as I began piecing the blocks, I felt I needed something a bit better than just squinting or viewing it all from the height of the dressing table!!  Ah-h-ha, this is where the camera will come in handy. So I had a play with the settings in picasa with a couple of my earlier pics...

Without the distraction of colour, it is a bit easier to see the differences in light & dark, don't you think? It was easier as well to determine which fabrics to use next to each other to make one triangle "pop" more than the other. So I kept sewing ...and now as I progress, I can also see which ones blend a little too, which is ok because I did want a few to merge. I also repeated some fabric combinations to help give some sort of overall continuity with the whole thing, and I love the little highlights of blue here & there!  I have only pieced some of the centre segment, if you look closely you will see the rest is simply cut out & laid in position out on the family room floor .... and as much as I love seeing her, I hope little Olive doesn't turn up in the next day or so!! (still, all is not lost really, 'cos I will still have this photo to follow)

 And I had a postal delivery from Hawthorne fabrics after the long weekend ...
a little bit of Valori Wells, as I seem to be drawn to purple these days!

another colourway of Joel Dewberry's dainty daisies, so pretty!

and I restocked up on a few AMH

plus a couple of low volume fabrics
which are always useful.

Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


  1. Great idea to Look at it in Black and white. Lovely New fabrics :-)

    1. Thanx! I'm keen to cut into the sweet dainty daisies, v.vintage -y! L

  2. Looks a bit different this way

  3. Yes it was an interesting way to look at it... I referred back to a very old book I have by Roberta Horton "Calico and Beyond" where she discusses value in depth, and how we only " tend to buy one value" even way back then - so true for me anyway, "medium" all the way now that I think about it ! (apart from those new low volumes!!) L

  4. I take B&W photos with my camera phone all the time! SO helpful. I've been known to take pictures in the quilt shop while I am shopping for fabrics :)

    Beautiful fabrics, Hawthorne Fabrics is the bomb!! :)

  5. Fabulous fabrics, I love B&W and it seems a bit odd sometimes to be looking at quilts in B&W but it does work! Your light and dark looks really good.

  6. I agree with you, sometimes you need to take color out of the picture to see how things mesh. Good for you, now you can make lots of progress!

    Stopping by from Lee's WIP hop

    1. thanx for popping by! Little Olive DID come over today ( she's 3yrs) and just loved moving things around for me!! L

  7. Oh that is really something, I'm going to have to try that with a few of my quilts and see where I get distracted by color. Love your quilt


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