Wednesday, 3 December 2014

stylish baby bag

front view

Back view

Making a tote bag isn't something I've ever done before, but my daughter needed wanted a new nappy bag for the new baby! She researched all the patterns & we ended up making this one from  here. She chose some denim from Spotlight and teamed it up with a couple of oldish pieces of fabric I had here in my stash. After reading about 'soft & stable' over at Megan's blog I thought we'd give it a go.Of course the denim was quite sturdy already so we just added the s&s to the base of the bag and the handles. On completing it, there was a wee panic moment because the blue from the denim was all over our hands (!!) but a quick spin in the washing machine with the colour catcher soon fixed that!
It worked out really's very roomy without being huge, and there's lots of pockets in & out and front & back for nappies, wipes, spare babyclothes, keys, etc! And it was really lovely to spend a wet windy afternoon sewing together!

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  1. Looks good, I haven't tried soft and stable before. Maybe for the next BIG bag - weekender or duffel. Aren't colour catchers fabulous things.

  2. How lovely to do this with your daughter. I like bags like this, that serve their purpose without being to obviously a nappy bag. She should get years of use from it.

  3. That's so pretty! I bet it works out perfectly.


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