Monday, 12 January 2015

slow sewing

So, I've eased back into the sewing mode very gently this year! Last week's Scrappy Stacked Coins renewed my enthusiasm! I enjoyed sorting thru' my fabric stash, playing with different combinations, the no pressure sewing... but it's time now for something completely different!

this first block is huge! 36"x 36" 

6" x 6" block

6" x 6" block

and another!

A few of us from the Monday Modern group are making the Moda Building Blocks Quilt, one block a month. Initially, I wasn't too keen, an all solid quilt doesn't really appeal, but then I started seeing a few that were quite a bit different and I was hooked! Have a little peek here for one spectacular finish! I've made a start this week, and am going to slowly work my way thru' the blocks, perhaps more than one a month, perhaps not!

Linking up with WiP Wednesday here


  1. I am enjoying seeing everyones blocks so far. I have the patters, think some of them may be cushion covers only though if I make them.

  2. Love the star "block" -- it's nearly a quilt in itself! (visiting from Freshly Pieced's WiP link up)

  3. Lovely blocks, I checked out the Blue is bleu one - you're right it is stunning, sometimes all we need is someone else to inspire us!

  4. A good beginning. I like the fabrics you're using, and this looks like a fun project with all the different sized blocks.


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