Wednesday 14 January 2015

2015 Finish-Along Q1 list

The 2015 Finish-Along Q1 
Here's my proposed finishes for the first quarter of 2015!

  • Broken Dishes... yep it's alot of HSTs, but I'm finding that there's something rather soothing about simple repetitive chain piecing! My inspiration was a pic of an old well loved quilt made using feedsack fabrics, and I'm keeping it quite restrictive with my scrappy colour selection. This is one project I've been going back & forth on for some time now & I need to get it finished. 

  • I had a lovely collection of doilies & hankies from my mum, and I spotted a quilt in an old NZ Quilter magazine & I figured I could do that! I compiled them into a quilt top and started machine quilting, but it's not going smoothly! Am actually not too sure what to do next now!

  • Classic meets Modern... I still need to make a decision about the setting, then piece backing & layer it up for quilting. Oh and then do the quilting too of course! 

  • Well, what can I say... this quilt was well underway, I had cut into the fabrics ages ago but for some reason I stopped! I used  Amy Bulter's Gypsy Caravan fabrics as a starting point and added other fabrics from my stash to infuse some variety. I think I should get back to this!

  • Modern Buzz Saw, I guess it's a take on the old delectable mountains pattern. Now this is what I really want to get on with ASAP, but am just a bit busy with new babe Evie, and Olive, and making dinners for two households! But... I will get there! The plan : I've got a selection of cream & whites for the backgrounds, and am going to use predominantly pinks & indigo prints - with a sprinkling of other colours just to add interest. For the first border, I'll use that Kona Kale that I had already cut into long strips for something else then rejected them! 
That's enough for now, need to keep it do-able!

but wait there's more...
 I do have these long term, slow sewing projects which will simply roll on over into each quarter! 
{Do they count?}
  • Am wanting to try out Kantha quilting on this scrappy Stacked Coins quilt top. I need to piece the backing, layer it up & pin together first. And do a bit of research about this sort of quilting.

  •  Moda Building Blocks... I plan to follow the overall colour scheme, but am substituting some background solids with low volume neutrals, and using predominately AMH fabrics. I would like to make a few blocks each month. 

  • Lovely Lattices in Liberty... I've started machine quilting this, but it's slow going! 

  •  Green Tea & Sweet Beans... I've always always wanted to make this quilt! The fabrics are sorted and all bundled up ready to take to the beach for some hand sewing over my holiday. 

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Karyn said...

That's a big list! I look forward to seeing how you use the doilies.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Ha-ha yes well Karyn, I must say this is the most organised I've ever been at the beginning of a year! I'm sure some of those projects will be on the 'slow sewing' list for quite some time! Happy sewing, Linda

memmens said...

Wow that a lovely list of WIP's, great variety too, something at every stage of the process almost! Well done on having something organised for the beach too.

Julie said...

That is a rather impressive list - I want to see more of that buzz saw quilt. at least a new grand bub is a good excuse for not getting them done.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Well, I have never worked to a plan previously- I enjoy my hobby immensely and simply work on whatever takes my fancy. But I have to say, it's proving quite motivating already! and of course now I'm retired, I can indulge myself in my patchworky passion a bit ... inbetween my special babysitting duties! Linda

Linda said...

The word that jumps into my head is WOW! Goodness me that's quite a list. Good luck with whittling it down. A good idea to list them though, then you can have the pleasure of ticking them off as they are completed. I always love ticking things off lists. I intend to sort out and tidy my sewing room this afternoon so I expect I will unearth some forgotten blocks, WIPs etc. I may even make a list to scare myself!