Monday, 10 December 2012

binding decisions!!

At our last Monday Modern group we touched briefly on bindings, and how did we all make that final decision.  Helen was all for a final impact statement, and I tend to agree with her!!    But, I guess, its personal peference and really depends on the overall look that you want for that oh -so- nearly completed quilt.
This quilt is one of two that Glenys & I each made.....I signed up for the Material Obsession Block of the Month, getting one block sent over each month from Australia.  When the package, we divided up the fabrics, supplementing our initial choices with fabric from our own stashes, and split the cost between us!!!  
So we now each have a quilt in varying stages of completion, and I have put off making the binding decsion for ages!   I am kinda tending towards a dusky blue ( I always go "blue" 'cos that's what I am comfortable with!!!) Something that will compliment, but, this time, certainly no "zing" !!!! 

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