Sunday, 30 December 2012

Finally Finished!!

After alot of playing around on the floor with these simple blocks, I am finally now happy with this quilt!!  
I discovered a few things...
Too many "X " blocks all together did not look good, in fact they look v. confusing & messy!!   So I added in the plain background blocks to calm it down a bit. 
Then I realised that there needed to be something that kinda tied them all together visually. So I added more of the grey solid where ever I could!!!! 
I also alternated pattern backgrounds with the  plain, apart from in two places!!
And, just for fun, I did one block with 2 crosses!!!


Unknown said...

I really like it Linda. I hope you'll bring it to the next Monday Modern for a closer look.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Thanks! I will bring it along to next meeting. My daughter thinks its still v. messy looking (!!!) so I think some group input re binding & backing would be good.