Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What's- in -a -Name?

I have read extensively lately about the "modern" quilt........a new twist on the traditional art of quilting..... may contain reinterpreted traditional blocks...... often use grey & white as neutrals...... frequently use improvisational piecing.......use asymmetry in quilt design...... reflects an increase use of solid fabrics............Years ago when I owned a little patchwork shop the joy of sewing got lost somewhere in amongst the reality of making a living, but now I am simply enjoying all aspects of quilting .......whether it's modern, traditional, or art.

Today I took a pic of my attempt a wee while ago at making the  "Modern" quilt!!!!
After letting chance play a part, I think it's looking ok now.
Simplicity & minimalism are the words that spring to mind!!!! 
The lovely machine quilting has been done by Annette from Wildcotton Ltd and really does add another dimension, especialy in all the -ve spaces.   However, I do need to get a wriggle-on to have it all finished completely by 5 August.  We are handing in our quilts then for the Monday Modern quilt show that's happening mid-September at Highwic House in Parnell.

I have now also finished the pastel pinwheel quilt top, and made the binding, and have made up the backing from blue & white leftovers stashed in the depths of  the wardrobe.  I love the way the low volume background fabrics make some of the other fabrics sparkle. (that was my mum's old, old wooden ironing board!)

I am wondering about the quilting pattern, but for now will just enjoy looking at it.
Sometimes I find if I use the "be patient Linda" button, then inspiration does kinda happen eventually!!!
P.S.  Anyone joining in the Double Wedding Ring competition? see Kathy's latest blog entry over at Material Obsession.

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