Monday, 27 April 2015

making time to make

  • First priority this long weekend, making Lemon cake! I used a yummy recipe from Annabel Langbein, with yoghurt/shredded coconut/oil not butter/and lemons!
  • Olive is really into making masks at present... a little search on 'google' and we found many to chose from.  Must make a trip into Spotlight asap to get more crafty supplies for this sort of rainy day activity. Olive helped me make a list... pipe-cleaners, wobbly eyes, feathers, glitter ... she had lots of ideas!  
  • And I made time to sort out this scrappy fabric pull, a rather antique colour combo I know, of pink, blues and brown! Then, because I was keen to see how the colours worked together, I found time for a little bit of rainy day play for Granny too! Not sure yet where this is heading, but it's fun playing with the values in this repetitive way, and I'll keep you posted! For a couple of interesting reads about using values, check out Rachel's post from 'Stitched in Color' here and Katie's post from 'Sew Katie Did' here.

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  1. Cake is always a priority!

    I like the pink and brown combo, I used to have some of that kinda retro lines print (Melissa Averinos I think?) and I miss it

    1. Thanx! That retro looking fabric was the deciding factor in the size of my HST's! I only had a 51/2" x 20" strip left! I suspect I got it in a fabric bundle from Material Obsession some years ago!

  2. The cake does look nice! I love all the pinks in your new quilt :)

  3. Yummy looking cake - must check all my Annabel books for that recipe. I like the colours in your scrappy retro blocks.

  4. It sounds like a great weekend... and thanks for the links, I'll read those with interest. Looks like fun playing with your 'antique colour combo'!

  5. You had me right from the cake picture ... But the scrappy is going to be lovely, too!
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  6. I like your scrappy blocks. I need a block to use up a bunch of multi-colored scraps. I might consider this pattern. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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