Thursday, 8 October 2015

2015 Finish - Along {the last list}

Here's my last list for the 2015 finish-along Q4. I have never really been one to make smaller items, sewing quilts are my passion, so things do take some time in my part of the woods. And finishing off my WiP's is where I really do tend stall... maybe lost motivation? maybe no deadlines?
So 'a list' is all good! And I'm making my list quite do-able this time -  the days are longer now, lots of gardening reconstruction requiring my attention, Xmas is getting nearer, etc.

  • My trippin' lightly round & round has now been machine quilted - thanx Annette - all it needs now is the binding. Gosh I'm so slack sometimes! 
  • The Greenfields quilt needs finishing too. I need to make up a scrappy backing, then decide how to quilt this, and then just. do. it! Oh, and then there will need to be a binding decision, and actually get that sewn too!  
  • And I'm really tempted to add my 'vintage spin' quilt top in here too... this is what I really want to be getting on with finishing RIGHT NOW! All I need to do is make up a scrappy backing, quilt it (somehow), and binding - so just a little bit of work love needed here actually!  

Still, I've never been a one-at-a-time kinda quilter, 
so I guess we shall see just what else I get up to over the next quarter as well! 
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  1. All three lovely projects deserve to be in use! Good luck in finishing, especially the Vintage Spin; it's lovely!

  2. Please finish all three just so I can see them. Please? I know I won't have the time to make all Kathy's quilts, and have dearly loved seeing them come to life through you. Yours are gorgeous! Your Trip Around the World is so springy so is right in season for you, right? Get 'er done!

  3. These are all lovely projects. I will enjoy seeing them whenever they are completed. Your description of yourself as a quilter is so much like me. I tend to do bigger projects although I've got a couple of smaller ones on the go at present, I'm easily stalled and easily distracted by the new.


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