Thursday, 28 January 2016

mad for plaid

Amazing isn't it, just how many options there really are?

Kathy, from Material Obsession, suggested I try a plaid
for the corner triangles on my latest WiP  'Organised Chaos' quilt {thanx Kathy!} 
I love how this soft plaid works, it sets off the florals really well,
and gives it all a more whimsical vintage-y look, which was what I was really after.

and now I'm thinking of  'plaid' as a very real option
 - for just about everything!

'Florence' by Denyse Schmidt for quilt binding
 an 'unknown' plaid for something soon - maybe something bold & graphic!
and 'Lucky Strikes' by Cotton & Steel for a baby quilt in the pipeline

 oh, and I'm playing with a tiny plaid & some stripes too...

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  1. Plaids and stripes are such fun to play with - I've been mad for plaid lately, too. 8)
    And, hey, your plaid has some red in it, too!

    1. p.s. and I’m definitely going to use that red solid for my binding here! 

  2. Fun!!! Love the addition of the plaids - wise advice :-)

  3. The plaid is perfect! I used that particular fabric in my Gypsy Wife quilt - I really love the colours in it and wish I'd bought more. Are the stars EPP?

    1. Thanks Megan! I initially thought plaids = boring, but this is a lovely plaid, works well to set off the print fabrics, and is very versatile as I'm now finding out! And for my stars - I'm using an old paper pattern, machine piecing, and lots of fussy cutting!

  4. love your blocks! the colors are so great

  5. The plaid certainly gives it the vintage-y look you were after.

  6. The plaid certainly picks up all the colours you have in your fabrics, looks just perfect.
    VFW fabric - love what you're doing here and your use of the stripes!

  7. The plaid is a wonderful touch for your quilt! I try to put plaid/stripes or check into every single quilt I make.:)

  8. Plaid, stripes and spots are excellent in my book. I love Kathy's ideas!

  9. The stripes in the stars really create lots of movement!

  10. I haven't used plaids much, though I love stripes and checks, but I will be looking for some now - they work really well in your quilt.


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