Saturday, 16 January 2016


I started out the New Year thinking that I too could have a word for 2016 ...

... maybe something like perhaps 'onethingatatime'
'cos I often feel I should try sticking to one thing, you know, from start to finish
- cut, piece, quilt, bind and hey presto, a finished quilt!

And for a while there I was going really well...

...but earlier this week I spotted my unfinished scrappy  'Greenfields' quilt, sitting on the shelf
with the binding all ready to go!
So one hot afternoon, with the fan blasting on 'high' in my sewing room,
I quickly sewed the binding on, later on out on the deck I hand stitched it down,
and in no time at all I had my first 'finish' of the year!

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And then, just like that,
I was back into my lovely old habits flitting round from one thing to another,
just as the mood takes me!

I got busy with putting together a few orange peel 'filler' blocks

and in the cool of the evening, I started making some progress on my EPP 'clam shell' block
- both for my GT&SB quilt
Very pleased with how it's all coming together, slowly but surely!

*note to self: next time I do this... try a fabric glue stick!
{check out this great EPP tutorial}

and then today
I received some things in the mail...

Mostly Manor - Victoria Findlay Wolfe
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... and all too quickly I had forgotten all about my 'word- of- the- year'
and started dreaming up my next project using those yummy new fabrics!

a bit more #39
and you can see I'm in good company here {insert smiley face!}
- pop on over to read Gayle's post here at mangofeet


  1. Heehee! I just linked to your previous post. People could go in circles!
    I can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous new fabric!
    Keep up the fun!

  2. I find it so hard to stick with just one project. I too need to have lots of projects going. Your greenfield quilt is so lovely!

  3. Nothing wrong with flitting from one project to another - I do it all the time - I think it's good for the creative juices. Your finish is beautiful and that new orange fabric to die for.

  4. Love your Green fields quilt Linda :)

  5. So many lovely projects going on at your place - and VFW fabrics yummy - they look even more gorgeous in your photo, fingers crossed that mine will be here tomorrow, I really want to get started.

  6. A word of the year, especially onethingatatime, can be highly overrated. Onethingatatime never takes into consideration moods, time limits, or anything else. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that you made progress! And I love Greenfields.

    I noticed that you hadn't pinned the binding before sewing. When I've tried to do it that way I've ended up with really wavy edges. There must be some secret I don't know about.

    Congrats on all your progress, Linda.

    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

    1. Thank you Nancy! I agree, and variety is the spice of life, yes?
      It's hard to explain, but when I'm sewing down the binding, I line my binding up with the edge of my quilt top so that I still have roughly 1/4" of the batting & backing extending. Then using my 1/4" thing-y on my machine foot as a guideline, I sew keeping the binding taut as I go. No pins! I also use a larger stitch. Hope this helps!

  7. I think you just need to change your word - perhaps too "morethanonethingonthego" - congrats on your first finish of 2016. I am finding it to hard to sew in this heat, Ishould just sit under a tree with a long cold G & T.

    1. A G&T sounds like a lovely idea, it's 28C in the shade here today!

  8. One project good, two projects better! Maybe your word should be 'abundance'. Congratulations on your first lovely finish of 2016.

  9. Ha ha I can TOTALLY relate. I call it quilter's ADD. I have it bad. I just love your finish though! Great backing for it too. I might have to copy your pattern...

  10. Trying to stick with one project sucks the life out of quilting for me, so I don't do it! Your projects are so lovely, I would never be content sticking with one for the weeks/months it might take to finish! So flit away little butterfly!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post and the idea of the machine to just put in your fabric and pattern and wake up in the morning under the quilt was really creative thinking. I too suffer from distraction. So my word would probably be "workwithblinderson" but then something would bump them and then I'd see something else to take my attention away and pretty soon I'd be back to flitting from one project to another.

  12. Congrats on Greenfields finish. You always have a lot of lovely projects in the works.

    I like to flit from one project to the next and eventually they will all get finished.

  13. Sounds like we are all among good company, after reading your post and all the comments! I like your Greenfields finish, too, but am glad to see the GT&SB project come back out, because I love seeing what you are doing on that one!

    1. Thanx Diann! I’m loving getting back into my GT&SB quilt!
      It’s so hot here in NZ just now! I only feel like hand sewing in the cool of the evenings at present, so am making good progress on those little sweet blocks!
      And yes, it appears there are lots of us out there who enjoy juggling projects! Lots of fun! Linda

  14. Love your first finish for the year!! And that Victoria Findlay-Wolfe fabric.......swoon!

  15. I always have multiple projects going. I think it makes me more productive because when I get bored or hit a wall with one project then I can go on to another. I usually have 5 or 6 going at least. I love the scrappy finish!

  16. I love your Greenfields quilt. Love the scrappiness and the bright colours. As for jumping from one project to the other, you are in good company!

  17. it's definitely the fun way to work. i find the bonus is that sometimes i end up with several finishes at once because many of the wips have suddenly progressed there together! nice finish. =) those are fun, too.


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