Tuesday, 17 May 2016

my english grandmother's garden

In the spirit of 'paying it forward' I have gifted my larger leftover pieces of mostly manor fabrics to my friend Glenys and also to a couple of members of the Monday Modern group here in Auckland. However, I do still have quite a few little itty bits left.

I came across this pattern recently by Karen Styles from Somerset... 

... yes, good old EPP!
What a great way to use up all those little leftovers! 

My version will be a bright-ish variation on an old theme, and just perfect as a 'slow sewing' project for over the next few winter months (and surely I can do a bit of EPP while little Evie sleeps too?).

I'm glue basting my hexi's, which I've never done before, but it certainly does seem quicker and easier... so far! Julie from justjulielou has some excellent tips about thread basting, where she stitches behind the papers, and there's lots of info around on how to glue baste

If you have ever done EPP, I wonder - do you glue or thread baste your hexis? and why?

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  1. I have tried glue basting, but I wasn't happy with it. For small hexies, I only stitch the folds, but for larger ones I stitch through the paper too, to keep the seams accurate.

    1. p.s.
      I just spotted this – EPP by machine!!

    2. I have seen something similar, but I love sitting hand-stitching hexies - very relaxing!!

  2. I am starting to like a lot of the Mostly Manor florals - thought they were too bright at first but they are growing on me. thanks for linking to my hexi post too.

  3. I have not tried glue basting.

  4. I prefer thread basting. I baste only through the fabric, not through the papers. It makes them easy to pop out and reusable for much longer. Love the colors you have chosen. This will be a bright and happy quilt.

  5. Lovely setting around the yellow floral for your hexagons, and thanks for reminding me of the method Julie Lou uses, I had seen this on her blog before but filed it in memory and then forgot!! Too much going on??

  6. It seems like the whole world is full of hexies, lately. My Pinterest and bookmarks folder both tell the tale that I'm getting interested. And now you're luring me even further down the path...

  7. This pattern will be stunning in that fabric!! I thread baste as I find it just as quick as glue basting; it's not as messy; the pieces are easier to sew together as they're not held tight by the glue; and it's MUCH easier to get the papers out. But, each to their own!


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