Sunday, 1 May 2016

lovingly stitched

Little cot quilts are my favourite fast finish, a great way to try out ideas, fabrics, color combinations, 
and of course, just perfect for teaching purposes! 
My daughter & I shared another lovely day together this weekend
as she began sewing her scrappy charm squares up into a quilt

Here's a few more progress pics...

The plan is to tackle quilting & binding next time my daughter pops over,
... maybe tomorrow... she's very keen!
So exciting to share my love obsession of joining up fabrics with her

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  1. It will be a beautiful quilt, Linda. You've taught your daughter well: look at her perfectly matched seams. (Not that perfectly matched seams make a great quilt.)
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  2. It's so much fun working on a project with a daughter! When I visited my daughter in April, we made a pen/pencil rollup case together, that we designed as we went along. I really enjoyed sharing creativity together!
    That quilt will be a treasure!

  3. The colors in this quilt are lovely. What a great memory to sew with your daughter. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Just found you! I do so enjoy scrappy quilts and will enjoy watching what you create!

  5. Just found you! I do so enjoy scrappy quilts and will enjoy watching what you create!

  6. Oh I love the red star with all those scrappy charm squares, your daughter must be thrilled with the finished quilt top.

    1. Yes, she is very happy – especially as she got it finished just in time for the baby shower! Let’s hope she is now hooked, I’ve got a lot of scrappy stash I need help using up!

  7. Fun red star among the blue squares; lovely!

  8. These look great, Linda. I'm so pleased your daughter has "the sewing bug"!

  9. What a lovely way to share your passion and the day.


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