Thursday, 28 April 2016

what a difference

What a difference a day a week makes!
Thank you for all your thoughtful comments about these stars of mine. I didn't want to rush it, didn't want to waste fabric, or money, or sewing time. I tried walking away from them, ignoring them, working on other things, but they were all still there up on the design wall, waiting patiently for me!

You may remember, I started with a single line of fabric, Victoria Findlay Wolfe's 'mostly manor.' These fabrics are designed to work together, and they do indeed, all very bright & bold.

I decided it was time this week to have a bit of a rethink about these stars, and work out how best to move forward with them. But how to make- it- mine?
One of my favorite design sources are vintage quilts. We can learn a lot about technique, color, improv, using what you have, mixing up fabrics that may or may not be supposed to go together - and as I was looking through an old magazine with my morning coffee, I spotted several yellow vintage quilts, and I started thinking - what if ...

What if ... I added in a bit of a 'zinger', some Bella Solids Cheddar maybe? I do like this, it seems to tie the big hexies together, it links up the past with the here & now. And it's different.

But it still wasn't quite right. Again, what if...

What if ... I still kept a bit of a 'yellow' thing happening, but stayed with the VFW light stripe & floral for my setting units, altered the layout a little, and bordered with that yummy yellow floral? Now this has possibilities! I love how the edges of a couple of the blocks blur a little into the yellow setting units and it's hard to see some of the hexis - it will make it interesting and hold your attention a bit longer, hopefully.

So I haven't moved very far this week, my hexi/stars are all still up there on the wall
 but I have come up with a pretty plan
- and I'm happy! 

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  1. Those are great blocks, and I love hearing your thought process while planning/putting these together.

  2. It looks like you've cracked it Linda! It can take a while to find a solution when you get stuck can't it?

  3. Such gorgeous stars! I can't wait to see what and where you go with this! It always helps to step away from a project. Eventually ideas come and usually it was well worth the wait!

    1. Thank you! Yes, on reflection maybe I should have planned this a bit better at the beginning, but... even then, things have a habit of changing along the way too! Never mind, I’m slowly getting there now. Thanxs for the +ve encouragement!

  4. Oh, yes! You've definitely gotten it onto the right track. I'm really enjoying watching you make it a 'you' quilt!

  5. I can't really say better than Gayle above, this is looking so good now and I'll be watching to see what happens next!

    1. Thanks Maureen, Who would have thought it could be so difficult!
      I did need to preserve with this, especially after you had so kindly given me more VFW fabric!
      Watch this space...


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