Thursday, 7 April 2016

hexi-stars {update}

I shared a few pics earlier in the year when I started this hexi-stars WiP.  And, in-between other projects, it is slowly growing. Mastering those Y-seams took a bit of time... I sewed them together... I unpicked them... I sewed them together... you get the idea, yes?

And then, once I'd sussed out my Y-seams, I found I was starting to run out of fabric! I do tend to jump into things without working out the finer details, you know like - do I actually have enough fabric for this! Maureen from mysticquilter is kindly posting over some of her Victoria Findlay Wolfe stash, a very timely gift as I was running out of options here!

This fabric range is quite, hm-m-m- can I say bold? So now those background triangles are my next design decision...

... I'm thinking, maybe sticking with the VFW range, in assorted leftover lights?

... or maybe adding something slightly different, like this Denyse Schmidt lightish plaid?

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

a bit more #47
I missed this, but here's a monthly linkup
 for sharing your adventures with those Y-seam projects over here at 'Y-seam warriors'
- a great way to get inspired by some creative projects!

And, there's an amazing tutorial for piecing Y-seams  here


  1. Tough call... I like both, for different reasons. The assorted lights seem to make the stars themselves pop more, while the plaids bring out the whole block. Hmmm...

    1. Yes, the jury is still out on this one over here!
      I’m happy to let it sit for a while longer, plenty of other stuff to be getting on with! Have a good weekend, Linda

  2. I think the plaid is a little bit too busy, and detracts from the stars, I prefer the first option. I love the bright colours - I used to be a strictly autumn colours girl, but my lovely Aussie quilting friends have introduced me to the joys of brights!

  3. It is very pretty - I like the fabrics !

  4. I like the way the stripes add a playful look. Your stars are wonderful in the VFW fabrics.

  5. Love the bright stars, especially that green and pink one. Great fussy cutting. I think make all your blocks and then look at the background. Personally I think I prefer the lighter option over the plaid.

    1. Thanks Julie. As you can see, I didn’t start out with a plan here!
      The lighter option is my preferred choice too, but was thinking I should push my boundaries a bit! I’m also wondering about adding other fabrics into the mix – can’t help myself – and that will open it up to more possibilities!

      So yes, I agree, make more!
      Then decide!

  6. The starsar looking good! I do like the DS fabric added in.


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