Wednesday, 6 July 2016

are we there yet?

Well the short answer is "no"
but that's ok!

It's been some time since I worked on my 'gypsy wife' quilt, been busy getting side-tracked
And, as you know HydeeAnn is very busy with family at present,
And, Megan from jaffaquilts has been busy with heaps on at work
Yep, everyone's been busy doing "things"
... so Megan was happy for me to fill in this week with a bit of an overdue catch-up from me,
... instead of them!

splish splash stash

... and I'm really really glad at the beginning of this QAL that both Megan & HydeeAnn stressed
'going at your own pace'
no pressure
just enjoy! 
Because (sigh) I am just a little bit behind with the schedule!

You can find the schedule & other tips here
and you can follow along on instagram with the hastag #GypsyWifeQuiltAlong2016.
Lots of fun seeing all the colour combos that everyone is choosing, all very different.

I'm only just starting on section #6 this month 
It is big, but nothing too tricky to piece.
First up today - 6" (finished) Indian Hatchet block and then 2 x 6" (finished) bordered pinwheel blocks...

Nurses Cross block up next - not your ordinary cross that's for sure!
The piecing is a bit different, but follow the pattern, trust me it does work
and I took a few progress pics just to show you...

but wait, there's more...

* I did cut my cream setting triangles all a bit bigger than the pattern
- just leaves a bit of wriggle room when joining up later!

Then finally today 7 x 3" (finished) 'square in a square' blocks
I found what takes me the most time is making those all important fabric decisions...

*I was on a bit of a roll and made a few extras of those little 3" sins blocks,
{the total is 23 for the whole quilt, but I didn't want to put you all off!} 

So I hear you ask "Are we there now?" Well, there's still just a few more filler blocks to make and still more slicing of lots of those 1 1/2" long vertical strips - BUT the end of section #6 is definitely in sight for me now - and I'm back into the swing of gypsy-wife-ing again :) 
How is everyone else going with this QAL? Oh, and Megan from jaffaquilts is back very soon with an official QAL post, look out for that one too!

Linking up with Lorna for 'show & tell' over here at 'sewfreshquilts'
and to needle & thread Thursday here at myquiltinfatuation

a bit more #50
I did spot a few who had finished their Gypsy Wife quilts already -
Velda from grannycanquilt... looks amazing!
And Debbie from littlebirdquilts has also finished her top too... sew beautiful!
(follow the links for a little peep)


  1. I'm not doing the quilt along but I have been following it. Great post, I have so enjoyed your blocks this month. Just linking up via Sew Fresh Quilts.

  2. I love this quilt, but have to wait until I've finished my La Passion to start with it. Fun to see other's though.

  3. This is going to be one cheerful quilt once it is done =)

  4. Colours are so bold and lively! Looks great

  5. I agree with allowing for more 'wiggle room', this saves so many headaches for me in the long run. Your quilt is coming along beautifully and I like all the colours!

    1. Thank you!
      It‘s a bit of a challenge! I’ve also worked out now that my 1/4" seam really needs to be consistent, and with a little bit of creative piecing, so far so good.

  6. These are so pretty! I love how you are pairing the fabrics together :-)

    1. Thanks Jodi! This is my 2nd Gypsy Wife quilt... last time around I nearly chucked it all out, the pattern had some errors in it, and it was quite daunting!
      This time around, I’m sticking to a colour scheme rather than my usual all-out scrappy. But I definitely seem to be spending more time choosing & playing with fabric than I do sewing it together!
      Still, it’s lots of fun!

  7. Oh my, I just love that first block that you posted. You have the BEST fabrics! Glad to see that you are going at your own pace so that you can enjoy it.

  8. Great pattern and colors!

  9. Oh, I do love a quilt with lots of colour and movement in it. Your fabrics are beautiful and who cares how long a project takes. It's the process and pleasure that counts!

  10. I love seeing your progress! All those blocks...all those tiny little blocks! It isn't keeping up with a quilt-a-long, but making any progress is always good!

  11. It's looking great! Glad you are taking your time and enjoying the process. Your fabric choices are yummy!

  12. You've made more progress over the past 48 hours than I have!! Your Nurses Cross block looks good - on my agenda for tomorrow. God idea to make a few extra sq in sq blocks to have just in case!

    1. Ah now I’ve started back Gypsy-wife-ing I can’t seem to’s a bit like eating chips :)

  13. Wow simply GORGEOUS fabrics! I'm about to start on a personal QAL with a friend, long distance! Should be fun! We are NOT stressing either, I like that.

  14. I've been enjoying watching your quilt grow - love all your fabric choices!
    I'm a big fan of making extras of little filler blocks. It's not like they'll go to waste - there's always a use for them!

  15. Your square-in-a-square blocks are beautiful, Linda. I would have guessed them larger. I also like your Nurse's Cross block. It's similar to an album quilt block except for the additional triangles around the sides.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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