Monday, 22 August 2016

planning stages

I seem to be stuck on tradition just lately!
For example, this week I've got side-tracked looking at 'pickle dish' and 'double wedding ring' quilts
Both have been on my 'to-do' list forever!
There are many variations, here's a few lovely versions I found on Pinterest...

I want to make something similar using a pattern from Kaffe's book Quilt Romance...

The fabric range I'm using is called 'my stash'
collected over a few years...

The method is a combination of foundation piecing & curved piecing...

... and the timeframe is slow and steady!

hm-m-m- 7 outta 72, only 65 to go
I think I can, I think I can!
Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' over here at 'quiltingismorefunthanhousework'


  1. A pickle dish is on my bucket list. I love the fabrics you pulled. No moss grows in your sewing room :) I know you can!

  2. You have made a great start. Now you just have to keep going. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! Perhaps you could slot this inbetween other projects, to give yourself a bit more variety in your stitching?

  3. I love your description of the "range" of fabric you are using for your new project. "My stash" is my choice for very quilt I make! Great pattern and your colour and fabric combinations are lovely.

    1. Thanks Linda. I must admit, Mr D is always very happy when I use the ‘Linda stash’ range! He thinks I should use up what I have here before I buy anything!
      But... I am finding that if I inject the occasional ‘new’ fabric it seems to give a lift to my present stash! And that’s my plan of attack from now on!

  4. I wish the rest of us could order the 'Linda's stash' fabric range - you always have a lovely range of interesting fabrics to choose from.

  5. That's a heck of a lot more to go - but it'll be worth it in the end, lovely fabrics and pattern.

  6. Of course you can!!! A great start - nothing wrong with a bit of tradition with that special Linda twist :-)

  7. I know you can! I know you can!
    It's going to be wonderful, with that perfect range. 8)
    A pickle dish is somewhere on my horizon, though I'm trying to hold off on starting ANOTHER quilt, since even I'll admit at this point that I've got too many going... So I'm really really really going to enjoy watching you build yours!

  8. I love your scrappy fans! I made a one from the same pattern some years ago. The more I made the fans, the more fun I had. I look forward to seeing your version of this quilt someday!

  9. Pickle Dish is also on my list. I'll enjoy watching you progress. Blessings, Gretchen

  10. I'm trying to get up the courage to try some curved piecing. Sounds like having part of it be paper-piecing could be really helpful! Looking forward to seeing your progress on these neat blocks!

  11. I want to do one of these one day using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book. Loving what you have done so far.

  12. This pattern is so fun with the bright, modern range of fabrics like yours, Linda. (For some reason I think this is also called Wedding Ring? So often I see vintage/antique ones with beautiful old fabrics but very unlike the modern ones we use today.) It will be fun to see where you go with this quilt.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  13. Oh you are so going to love this quilt! Lots of work involved, but so worth it to see the results in your own fabrics.:)

  14. You're off to a great start with these fun fans!! I wonder how many you've made by now?


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