Sunday, 14 May 2017

from the wall to the floor {a WiP}

My latest scrappy WiP 'ebay on point' has been up on my design wall for for. ever. But I know why I kept putting it off -  getting all the pieces down off the wall without getting my rows all muddled was looking like it could prove a bit tricky.
Finally though, this weekend I decided it really was time to get 'ebay on point' down off the wall. So I bribed asked mrD to stand up on a chair and pass the high rows down to me, one after the other. I did try to sew as fast as I could, you know, before his boredom facter settled in.

I'm using a Kaffe pattern that has always appealed to me, from his Caravan of Quilts book. The pattern is simple, however I did find to get that all important 'contrast' thing-y happening, I had to juggle bits & pieces around until I felt it was right. And I really tried hard "not to analyze the fabric for its beautiful design but rather, consider each only for its colour."

I'm loving this eclectic mix of fabrics now and it's great to be using so many bits & pieces from my scrap basket. For a few more earlier details pop back here.

Even with mrD's help though {sigh}
I did still manage to sew a couple of the HST's round the wrong way . . .
. . . but out came the quickunpick, and it didn't take long to sort them out.

This weekend I progressed from the design wall to the "design floor"
and am now working on the last four rows on the R) hand side
Here's a few nighttime pics to give you an idea of how it's looking . . .

. . . and we will all just walk around all the carefully placed pieces
until I have time to get it all together

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  1. Your quilt is coming together so well. Love all those bright zingy colours. I love Kaffe fabrics and his patterns but even though I've met him several times I still haven't made one of his quilts.

  2. Mr D must be your hero! He must get some credits for his help.

  3. This is going to look absolutely beautiful!

  4. So gorgeous!! wonderful colour and placement of fabrics. What a gem Mr D is for helping you.

  5. This is very pretty Linda; I just love to look at all the different fabrics in your quilts. Well done!!

  6. So many great prints in this one! You are doing a wonderful job getting that contrast you are looking for. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. A great weekend's work Linda - getting carefully arranged strips sewn together can be a real challenge!! This is really pretty.

    1. Thank you Raewyn!
      Just need to have some time & click up a few more sewing miles now... and then I’ll be able to pick it up off the family room floor!

  8. I love all the red and pinks in this one, Linda! I can see why it would be challenging to keep everything straight, but I think you did it. Really beautiful!

  9. This is just amazing. I love it.

  10. I love the reds and pinks, too. I'm glad Mr. D was available to help.

  11. Oh do I like this!! What an obliging Mr D, as you say it can be a nightmare tackling the rows. It's a lovely quilt for using up the scrap fabrics, of which I have an abundance, perhaps I need to check this pattern out!

  12. Hah - "his boredom factor" -- know that scenario well!

  13. Hi Linda,
    I have used my floor as my 'design wall' several times . . . although I usually end up forgetting and walking right over the design. Love the scrappiness of this! I am just getting the first of two projects off my design wall - the first row only. I will have to share next week, and it is all scraps. ~smile~

  14. Beautiful! It reminds me of a tapestry.

  15. Love your quilt and all of the patches which went into making this, I like to see if I have any of the fabrics. Looks like Mr. D and you had a quilt workout; there's definitely a lot of work involved in making a scrappy quilt. I can't wait to see the finish.

  16. Looking good! Mr D is a trooper.

  17. What a beautiful scrap quilt. Lovely colour mix, love it.


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