Friday, 8 December 2017

boho patchwork quilt

Here's my little-bit-at-a-time project
something that I can pick up now & then as time permits over summer
- I'm joining in with the barijquiltalong  
Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt

This week we are making three 'granny square' blocks . . .

I've also been adding some extra embroidery details to my floral collage blocks . . .

if you want to see what everyone else is doing.


  1. Your 'granny square' blocks look great. And more embroidery on the roses adds emphasis.

  2. Love granny squares. You have reminded me that I love the block and have never made any.... yet! Several years ago they were all over the Internet and I saved a whole collection on my Flickr account but never made any myself. Time to look at those photos again.

  3. I like the granny square blocks. Simple but very effective. I also like the idea of the embroidery on the florals. Great addition.

    1. Thanks Karen.
      Yes, adding embellishments is going to be fun!
      I haven’t any idea what I’m doing really, but I came across this IG site which looks helpful -

  4. This is going to look lovely Linda, so you, in a very subdued way. What is the yellowish background fabric you have used in your Granny Square blocks?

  5. I am really enjoying seeing this one progress! It was very tempting to join up, but I don't think my fabrics are right for this particular look.:)

  6. Looking good........nice to have something to stitch along with when the mood grabs you.

  7. It's such fun watching this grow, and I like it more every time I see it.

  8. I just love your "little bit at a time" project! Those blocks are so pretty. I am also in love with the wonderful projects in your header!


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