Wednesday, 6 December 2017

sew stitch snap SHARE #18

Happy Wednesday everyone
It's been an itty bitty week so far for me in the sewing room, 
I made one more 'whimsy' block . . .

two more 'handkerchief corner' blocks . . .

and a trial 'buffalo ridge' block 
plotting my next WiP, using allout exciting colour teamed up with shadowy earthy fabrics. . .

And then, as I was packing up a few more things in the sewing room
I came across this old denim skirt, which I do remember wearing a long time ago!
- these bits & bobs will be perfect for the mixed media collage
on my blocks for the barijquiltalong quilt
(& here's the link to Anthologie - a patchwork boho quilt if you want to see more)

 where's my quickunpick?
Oh dear, see just how easy it is to jump from one thing to another.

Time now for another fortnightly 'Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE' linkup
My pick from last time was the weekly pickle report from Cathy at saneandcrazy
She's made 25 of these wonderful scrappy blocks . . .

 Cathy loves working on a variety of projects too, inspiring the rest of us!
Here's a little peep at a few other scrappy WiPs she has on the go . . .

Crazy quilt challenge blocks, Birds in the Air, Glitter, & Crazy Ladies of the Lake,
Pop on over to her blog here to see heaps more pics and read all about her quilty stories.
(all pics reposted each time with quilter's permission)

Do you have a project to share this week too? 
Whatever you're sewing or stitching, you can link it up here. Just follow these simple guidelines:
1. Link up any post from the past week that features something you have been sewing or stitching, whether they are WiPs, starts or finishes. You can write as much or as little about your project as you like, and snap off a pic or three.
2. Somewhere in your post, please link back to this post.
3. Please comment on a couple of the other Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE links.

The silly season is almost upon us and
Julie & I have decided to make this week's linkup the last one for the year
We will be back again Wednesday 7 February 2018.
Thanks so much for joining in with us and keeping blogging alive
Julie & Linda


Linda said...

Well done for finding time to sew! Like you I am a Cathy fan - just amazed at what she achieves, both in terms of output, finishes and superb creative ideas.

audrey said...

Love all the different projects you have lined up! So much fun. And Cathy is fabulous inspiration as well. She really knows how to keep things moving along.:)

Leeanne said...

So much going on for you at the moment........I too would be distracted if I was packing up my sewing room. best wishes with it ALL........xxxx

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

My One Road Through Town piece was made with my too large capri jeans that I loved because they were too big. Until I got a glance at myself in a shop window....not pretty! This is fun, see you in 2018!

Julie said...

Glad it's you not me packing up a sewing room. Liking the look of your buffalo ridge block.

dutchcomfort said...

I love the Buffalo Ridge block! Thanks for hosting the share event! See you in 2018!

Cathy said...

Love the new Buffalo Ridge WIP and color choices. I've been eyeing those Whimsy blocks because I sure love them. The skirt brings back memories of the 70s for me. Those were the days.

And I'm blushing now after that "show and tell"! Thanks for making me look pretty darned good with all those WIPs and UFOs.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great post - I agree about hopping from one project to the next. I currently have three on the design wall all in need of different stages of work (which is just fine with me). Good call to take off until February -- SO many things going on right now for so many of us. (and yes, isn't Cathy's scrappy goodness just the best inspiration ever?!!)

Lynette said...

I'm definitely a hopper. I get my best productiveness when I have a handful of projects to move between so my attention is kept fresh for each one. I get oppressed with just a single project for too long! That whimsy block sure is pretty, and the skirt is a great find!

Ann said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in the hopping around. There are so many projects in progress that I've moved to the dining room to quilt. However, quilting is happening and hopefully several tops will be finished soon.
Good luck with your move. It's always hard to sort our own stuff. I enjoyed seeing your denim skirt and am glad you have somewhere to tuck a memory of it.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your whimsy blocks are so pretty! I love your use of floral fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the beaded denim!

Karen S said...

Lovely to see you still getting time to work on some blocks. And i can see why the denim skirt distracted you. Looking good.

pandchintz said...

You've been busy! Love the bead work on the skirt, that will look so go in your Boho!

gayle said...

Cathy is always an inspiration! She's always got such wonderful things going!
I'm still eyeing those Whimsy blocks. So tempting... (Though Cathy has already tempted me into enough projects to keep me busy for decades!)