Saturday, 3 February 2018

a finish & other things

Here's another recent finish I wanted to share. My 'stars' quilt came back from the quilters late last year and I have finished binding it now. You may remember my quilt from this post here, way back in January 2017.

I used Victoria Findlay Wolfe's 'mostly manor' fabrics + scraps for my stars, and then I faffed about for ages trying to make up my mind about how I wanted to set these stars. Sometimes there are just too many options!
I finally decided to use a light VFW fabric for my setting diamonds, and then I opted to use a bright layer cake of Lecien fabrics for the larger setting triangles.
It was machine quilted by Annette de Ratt in an all over lazy daisy design and I used a Kaffe fabric for the binding. Finished quilt measures 125cm x 160cm.

And here's some other little things I'm still working on - the latest blocks for the barij & southerncharmquilts "wild bloom" quiltalong.
I've made a start on my Boho Dresden Plate blocks. They are the biggest part of this quilt. There's seven of them all together, 3 complete full plates, 2 1/2 plates, 1 wonky one, and 1 1/4 plate. Time consuming, but so ridiculously cute . . .

- I used my Dresden ruler to cut each blade 2.5" tall

- and these blades were cut at 3.5" tall

These three Dresden Plates still need to be hand stitched down and some extra bits & pieces added like lace, french knots, and maybe some little fancy stitches around the centres. Loving the gentle pace with this barijquiltalong - follow the IG link here to see all about it.

Another Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE linkup
will be starting Wednesday 7 February 2018 - hope to see you then


  1. love your star quilt and the big Dresden's - what size are the Dresden's - they look really big.

  2. Such beautiful work ! Love your star quilt, so bright and cheery ! your Dresden Plates are going to look amazing on your quilt ! Happy Sewing from Iowa

  3. Pretty dresdens, and that yellow floral border on your star quilt is beautiful.

  4. Your stars quilt is so bright and summery - love the colours and the border especially. Looks Fab! Enjoy your boho Dresdens - so cute!

  5. Doesn't your Star quilt look beautiful! Love it. Lovely Dresdens - what size are they? Oops, thanks for the reminder about the link this coming Wednesday - better get the machine fired up!

  6. That gorgeous star quilt is the most cheerful thing ever!
    I've really enjoyed watching you make your barij quilt! So many interesting things going on in it!

  7. Great finish on your star quilt. It looks wonderful.
    And lovely work on all the dresdens. Gorgeous fabrics.

  8. Lovely that the same yellow on the border that you used on The Queen of May quilt? Cute wee Dresden's............xx

  9. Oh your Dresdens are calling to me, come make me!!! Love seeing them come together! And LOVE that sharp yellow quilt, always have. Great job getting it to a finish! That one is going to be an absolute delight to use!

  10. Your new quilt is gorgeous - I love the yellow fabric in the border. A perfect choice. The Dresdens are. Looking lovely. I recently bought a Dresden ruler but not used it yet. When we return from NZ in the Spring?

  11. Your projects are looking great!
    I like that leopard print and the KF border, balanced out the bright candy colors perfect.


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