Tuesday, 13 February 2018

late night shopping

We've all been there, right?
A little late night shopping in our PJ's, jimjams, whatever,
and here's a little glimpse of my recent late night {online} shopping . . . 

 And talking about fabric
. . . . did you hear today that FreeSpirit have shut down?
All productions stopped,
including Kaffe, Philip Jacobs, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner,
& Denyse Schmidt, among many others.
I don't know many details but maybe check here to read a bit more if you are interested.
And there's lots of comments & thoughts over here at Rachaeldaisy's IG feed


  1. where else can you shop in your jimjams.......home! I hope another fabric house picks up the designers, sad, many jobs will be lost.

  2. Good shopping! Maybe the quilt market has reached saturation point - so many new collections. But it is very tough for all those directly affected.

  3. I love shopping online and being anle to compare fabrics to those in my stash without lugging them across town. Watching the free spirit process with interest. Perhaps the same cascade is beginning as that of the magazines and book publishers over the past couple of years. The FS designers will find new outlets but perhaps with lower payments for their lines than before.

  4. Shocking! You would think that all those big name designers would be selling fabrics! Interesting to see how this progresses.

  5. Your fabrics are so gorgeous! I stay far, far away from online fabric shopping most of the time. I think it's just too tempting for me and my credit cards! Too bad about the Free Spirit folks, but if the designers are good enough, someone else will snatch them up. Can't imagine our world without some of those fabrics!

  6. Very sad about Freespirit, I am sure the designers will get picked up by other fabric companies though. I feel for the other staff. Love those twonew AMH fbrics, have to admit, I've never shopped late night or in my jammies online.

    1. .. I’m in my nightie as I type, with my morning cuppa tea :)
      Yes, I think the designers are contracted so am pretty sure too that they will be snapped up by other companies. I guess it was a business decision, but certainly not good for those working there.

  7. I literally gasped when reading that! Kaffee fabric is my kryptonite...
    I was just wondering the other day whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that online fabric stores never close. I've probably bought more fabric while in my jammies than I have fully dressed.

  8. Such an easy way to shop. Plus you get the excitement of a parcel in the mail.
    Yes, sad news about free Spirit fabrics. Hope the designers can find others companies.

  9. What fabulous fabrics! All gorgeous but I particularly love the pink flowery one with touches of lime green. Very sad to hear about FreeSpirit, off to follow your link now to read more about it.


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