Tuesday, 22 January 2019


I've been back working on my blocks for the  #uanduqal inspired by @therootconnection this week. After making up a few more of the 4" corner blocks and a few more string pieced rectangles, I started joining up some of the strips as I was keen to see just how things looked. 

It's all still up on the design wall in my last photo. I have the lower half of the quilt top all joined up so far. There's a few things I need to tweak, but the top half is all ready for sewing up now too.
I've played a little with the blocks, some form those octagons nicely, while with others it's a bit harder to work out. And, I'm also wondering if I need to add two more rows to the bottom, to make a row of more 'complete' blocks? or do I just leave it looking random? hm-m-m-

Anyways, it's time to clean up my sewing room, there's little strips of fabric everywhere! 
Follow the links above to see what others are doing, heaps of variety happening. 


  1. That is very cool. Love the gingham!

  2. That is wonderful... very dynamic. The red stands up to sing a solo while the scraps sing in the chorus!

  3. LeeAnn said it so well. It's a bright summer song. Great use of fabric and design, Linda.

  4. Thanks for sharing the "longer" views of this. In some of the close ups it felt like the red was dominating. But with the entire piece in view, the mix is delightful and so cheerful.

  5. They work so well together. Great choice.

  6. I'm thinking that another couple rows would keep it symmetrical, although the pattern is quite subtle and a bit nonconformist, so maybe it's okay as it is. All right... I am absolutely no help whatsoever!

  7. Love the red centers! It's a bright and fun scrappy quilt, my favorite kind.

  8. I'm so late with reading posts!! I cannot believe how far along you are with this piece Linda.I have to second Julie in her comment, it makes such a difference to see this view and I love the pops of bluw in there.


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