Monday, 28 January 2019

lots of low colour love

Lots of progress photos today. I made my 16-patch blocks up from fabric scraps with lots of low colour value, a great mix of light fabrics that actually seem to add some major interest.
To save some time I strip pieced most of the blocks and joined them with a random layout. However, I also added in a selection of pre-cut squares which I had found in my scrap basket, it took a bit longer but added to the variety.
Piecing simple units together like these squares is such a great scrap buster, and a favorite way to use up some of my itty bitty fabric stash. And while it is repetitive work, I do find it relaxing and rather satisfying.

Once I had twenty blocks made up I decided to sash them inspired by a quilt made by Allison from woodberryway .  'Chamomile' quilt, so pretty & soft, is a pattern I've ordered but it hasn't arrived here yet, snail mail to NZ I guess {head on over to woodberry way to get the pattern}. So I just went with what I had, I worked out the maths and started making up the sashing strips, {with fingerscrossed}.

I joined up one long row of five blocks today, and it worked
. . . onto joining up more rows this week
. . . it's getting exciting


  1. That is an interesting idea, your quilt looks soft en fresh.

  2. I like these blocks, so gentle. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Happy Stitching!

  3. I have a low volume fat quarter bundle - you have given me an idea to run with!

  4. I haven't made a low volume quilt in so long! Love your green strips that you're adding. The inspiration quilt is wonderful!

  5. Love all of those neutrals....with that pop of green dotties! :-)

  6. SO pretty. I love a good low volume quilt.

  7. This will be so beautiful, Linda. I love the mix of gentle, feminine prints (the ones with flowers) with the plaids and dots. Really beautiful.

  8. Beautiful quilt! It seems like that came together quickly. Love the polka dot sashing with the whites.


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