Saturday, 23 May 2020

show & tell from the peninsula

My friend Glenys has been busy over the past couple of weeks. We were finally able to meet up yesterday, at wine o'clock, and she showed me what she had been up to. First up, her finished quilt top. She joined in with the mystery QAL fun, the Laundry Basket Quilts 2020 Mystery by Edyta Sitar, using fabrics from her stash.

- progress pic from Glenys during lockdown 

"Completed my 60 blocks, all finishing at 6"! I love the centre - this quilt gave instructions from the outside working in towards the centre, so didn't really know about tones, just told dark, med & light blues, not best choices for zigzags ... but done now!"

And Glenys also finished this bright jellyrainbowquilt too. It's a fun free pattern from rubystarsociety. Her quilt is now half way down to Wellington, a quilty hug for her grandson.

Back soon with what I've been up to too,


  1. Very effective patterns. Nice to be able to catch up with a likeminded friend.

  2. These are both gorgeous quilts. I'm a sucker for a rainbow quilt so that one has really caught my eye. It's great that you got to catch up with your quilty friend. Have a fab weekend :)

  3. Wine O'clock sounds fun! Both quilts are lovely your friend has great taste in fabrics.

  4. Thanks for sharing Glenys's finished tops! Both beautiful, and so different! What time is Wine o'Clock, by the way? Is that 10 AM or does it start as soon as my kids start screaming at each other? Asking for a friend... ;-)

  5. I started printing out the instructions for Editas quilt... but lost motivation. It did turn out a beautiful quilt so I really should finish printing them out.

  6. Wow, pretty quilts, thank you for sharing! I love the rainbow one.


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