Monday, 9 November 2020

A bouquet {or four} in tilda & kaffe


This is a traditional quilt block from the 1930's, with lots of different names, and was quite popular despite its set-in Y seams. It's been on my wish list to make for more years than I care to count. 
I'm modernizing it with a soft colour palette, using a 'maple farm' bundle from Tilda and then I added Kaffe spots to it. 
Am totally inspired by Kathy from MO, and I recently purchased her 'Bunch of Ruby Rose Hips' pattern, {see here} but I didn't realise I needed to get the accompanying templates as well 😞… so I resorted to googling the pattern. 
I've also seen lots of pics around on IG with yummy combos for these pretty wildflower blocks, including Jo Brozinski {here} and Carolyn Forster's 'patchwork of posies' quilt {found over here}. 

I've got these four blocks stuck precariously up on the design wall today. Not sure on my setting yet, there's a few options including maybe sashing in a stripe … I'll decide later on after I've made up a few more blocks. Until next time, Linda


  1. As I mentioned when your post came up on IG, I love these pretty blocks of yours! I had a peek over at Material Obsession to check out the Ruby Rose Hips quilt, I can see that definitely is one for you to make. What size are you making the Nosegay blocks Linda?

  2. Goooorgeous!! Are you using my template set for easy piecing?

  3. Lovely blocks! They've been on my to-do list for decades, too. Somewhere I've got some blocks that my grandmother gave me that her mother-in-law had given her (How many generations can a UFO be passed down through?) - all made in happy feedsack prints. I think they're nearing their century mark now - not sure if I'll get around to finishing them either...

  4. Oh, I love this block but I've always thought it too complex for me. Evidently it is not too complex for you. Those blocks are gorgeous!

  5. Your blocks look lovely, Linda! Will you be making an entire quilt of nosegays, or just the four blocks for use in a sampler quilt? I love quilts from this era.

  6. I have liked this quilt block for years. Interesting to note it's a variation of an eight-pointed star. You've chosen some good prints and colors.

  7. Looks like a great block. Good luck with your plans.

  8. Your nosegay blocks are awesome! I have had these on my bucket list forever and ever too. You are definitely making me think with all your gorgeous fabrics you are using!:)


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