Saturday, 23 October 2021

say it with flowers

- I had a little help when I first starting playing with these squares a couple of months ago!

Sometimes it's nice to have a project that's a little open ended, who knows what might happen? And this floral one-patch has certainly changed each time I relooked at all these cut out 5" squares, that's for sure. 
It's a simple stash busting project, but I did have a little panic moment, and a helpful comment from Wanda @exuberantcolor  🙏 clarified my direction a little. 

I started out with a selection of Jennifer Paganelli floral fabrics. Along the way I added some slightly plainer, softer florals to create lighter spots in the composition and then a sprinkling of a few dark Anna Maria Horner pieces too, for contrast. Since the original fabric pull was all mostly medium value, in bright colours, adding in these light and dark values as well created the kind of movement that I love.
I'm also planning on making sure a few blues are added into each 4x4 block to unify things a bit more, 'cos as many of you know, blue is my 'go-to' colour. I've got lots more squares cut out, just ran out of design wall space. 
It's all looking very scrappy and very folksy, and I'm super pleased with today's reshuffle. 

Here's where I've ended up at the moment,
but {wink wink} it may all change again if Evie stops by anytime soon …

Are you like me and drawn to mainly medium value fabrics too?
Love to hear your thoughts, Linda


  1. One patch looks so bright and happy! I'm drawn more toward dark rich fabrics, I'm trying to lighten up. Happy stitching!

  2. You did a really great job getting these to play so well together!! I love it--hugs, Julierose

  3. That looks so fun to play with, especially with a helper! Good idea to add some different valued prints. I struggle with that at times, too. Sometimes you don't notice it until you step away, take a photo, or hear from a quilty friend about their idea!

  4. It is very pretty!! I love florals anyway.....
    I worked at several quilt shops and I can guarantee you most people gravitated to the medium tones. With a few suggestions from our staff they usually left with a few lights and darks to add to the many medium tones they bought.

  5. To be honest I don't analyse my fabric choices, I just put things together that I like and hope for the best. I will often have choices that stretch the imagination, light, dark and not quite matching elements - although often just a little bit of those are sprinkled throughout the composition.

  6. oh yes... I've been collecting florals to do something... an irish chain? I love them on the bed. So pretty, and pretty helper

  7. I used to buy mainly medium toned fabrics in my early days but since 'migrating' to the KF Collective fabrics I obviously have mostly bright and bold. I love the fabric squares you're using in this quilt Linda, beautiful florals, I think I spy a couple of AMH darker fabrics in there.

  8. Such a charming collection of florals. We all seem to love them and it's good to see your take on using a bit of them all.

  9. Looking lovely. You are definitely letting the fabrics shine.


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