Wednesday, 20 October 2021

the start of something happy

I'm having trouble settling on one thought or idea at the moment, endless {lockdown} time means endless possibilities... but what to work on next? 
Some days, my best way forward is a simple in-between project. Today was one of those days 💖 

I decided to just jump in starting with my happy collection of Jennifer Paganelli fabrics, fabrics I love but have been reluctant to use so far. I had cut out lots of big 5" squares a couple of months back and planned to join them randomly to make a quick throw quilt, a floral one-patch I guess. The perfect stash-buster pattern. And The. Perfect. Way to get me back sewing. 

Note to self: use your favourite fabrics... 'cos nobody can see them on the shelf!
And yep, I’m super happy to be finally   playing with  using these florals.
My only question now is... do I add in other fabrics for a real scrappy abundance of florals?

Until next time, Linda


  1. A great easy breezy pretty project and I totally agree with you about actually using our fabrics!

  2. Your fabrics are beautiful! You are so right about using favorite fabrics now. Happy stitching!

  3. Yes, those are beautiful fabrics, and thank you for telling us the designer's name! I have not seen this line in any of the quilt shops near me, and I just love the vintage vibe -- reminds me of my grandmother's handkerchiefs. I just popped over to Etsy and searched on "Jennifer Paganelli fabrics" and I'm going to see if anyone is selling a nice assortment of FQs or scraps! Have fun with your new project. Life is too short to sew with dreary fabric!

  4. pretty fabrics! they all look so nice together. How long have you been in lock down now - it gets so tiring doesn't it but in the end it will be worth it

  5. Yes, I’ve been much happier using my favorites. So much better than hoarding them in the stash.

  6. What a super way to find your "sewjo" once again. I've been away for a bit myself and am hoping to find something that makes me say "Ohhh I want to make that!!"
    Good Luck:)))
    Hugs, Julierose

  7. I like how you have a few geometric prints mixed in. I think they kind of space out the florals and add interest.

  8. The latest quiltmania modern has a charm quilt based on anna maria fabrics, maybe this could be a jumping off point?

  9. The more fabrics the prettier it gets. I love super scrappy without repeating too many times.

  10. So pretty, she is one designer I have never had much fabric from. Very silly of me really. I’ve seen all my precious strips together now.

  11. So much colour! Just the thing to raise a smile.


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