Tuesday, 5 March 2013

the colour brown

I have continued to cut out a few more hexagons - it's really kind of addictive!
I am using mainly Kaffe Fasset fabrics from my stash, & you only need a little bit for each segment of the hexagon. I'm also auditioning for the border, but so far I think I need to keep an open mind. Anyway realistically, it'll be ages before I get to that stage!!!

In between time, I have caught up on  reading  lots of other patchwork blogs. 
There is an interesting read over on http://littleislandquilting.blogspot.co.nz/2013/03/housekeeping.html ......... about the use of the colour brown !!!  and how she sees not "just brown"  but purple brown, chestnut brown, chocolate brown, caramel, golden, etc. I know I tend to avoid browns. And earthy colourways don't really seem to show up in modern quilts either,  but maybe our next Monday Modern challenge could be to use a bit of brown?!??!?!??

Another interesting read  is over at  http://aquiltisnice.blogspot.co.nz/. .........about  "low volume" quilts & using the good old traditional Churn Dash block. The result is really quite lovely!!    Low volume quilts, using predominantly white/light/or neutral background fabrics, have been catching my eye again just lately.  I made a wee cot quilt not so long ago using lights,  pastels with small prints and larger scale graphic prints.   I think I would find a larger quilt with this overall soft, almost ethereal, effect quite easy to live with.   

 I'm off to sort some fabric!!!


  1. The white background fabric with the grey/blue drops is very effective with your hexagons.

  2. thanx! I auditioned quite a few different fabrics before finally settling on this one! L

  3. We were talking about low volume last night before the meeting. Great links!

  4. I'm open minded - I have some brown fabric... Not sure it will ever see the light of day in a quilt though!! Love your hexagons.


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