Friday, 6 September 2013

charity quilt

Our Monday Modern group met this week and, along with the final planning discussions for our show, we also undertook a new challenge - with a couple of months to complete it thankfully!  We are making charity quilts, and Helen distributed batting cut to the required size, and a selection of her leftover fabrics for us all to chose from.  Bit tricky deciding which fabrics to pick, but I came away with some pleasant neutral fat quarters and a larger pretty piece which I am using as a starting point....... 

..........and then I added some other bits & pieces from my stash. The teal/brown combo looks a bit vintage, don't you think?  I have decided to make a wallpaper strips quilt,  which I first saw in a Kaffe Fassett book ages ago but there are many versions around now. It's pieced from long strips cut from the width of the fabric. The strips are all cut to random lengths & then pieced in rows. Simple!


  1. You're so quick to get started. I'm still hmmmming and haaaa- ing over what to do with my fabric!

  2. I always find the first part of making a new quilt alot of fun, you know...the planning/fabric selection/cutting/moving pieces around, etc! it's the finishing off part that I tend to loose interst with!! L


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