Tuesday, 12 November 2013

from stash to treasure - hopefully!

Here's the thing.... I found these old blocks while I was doing the major sort out with my stash last week, and am now wondering what to do with them! I can't just throw them away!!  I don't really remember the original plan for them, it was so long ago, but I only have 4 blocks like this one.

I had a little play with them -
option one is to simply set them with cream for lots of quilting in the -ve space to add a modern balance, maybe something like this?

option two is to maybe do something sort of like the Gees Bend improvisational look?

option three is to maybe do something like Material Obsession's "Stash Management" or Gwen Marston kind of thing.....go really creative & mix it all up a bit! I started but it's something that will, in all reality, actually take a bit of time & thought!!!!!

HELP!!!!!!   Any suggestions appreciated!!!


  1. I like option one. Could you use a stronger colour for the -ive space, maybe in something like Essex linen so it has really nice texture?

  2. I think option 3 is the best approach. Mixing it up will freshen those blocks up and keep it nice and scrappy.

  3. I think it is great to see how orphan blocks can be put to use in so many different ways. I think option 1 has the strongest visual impact, but I would be quite tempted to try something for option 2 - you could even slice up the blocks into strips for some gees bend housetop blocks? It would be interesting to see how they could be transformed. So I guess for me it would depend on whether you just want a quick finish (option 1), or want to experiment (option 2).


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